1,000 euros is enough to invest in postal bonds to leave a fortune for your children: find out how

1,000 euros is enough to invest in postal bonds to leave a fortune for your children: find out how

A profitable investment for our children’s future: All you need to know about savings postal bonds for minors.

It may seem counterintuitive to invest and save in times of economic crisis and times when it is absolutely necessary to tighten the purse strings a bit. Alternatively, in a period of difficulties and uncertainties about the future, it is good to think about the future. And especially for the future of our children: that’s why it can be very beneficial to invest in postal bonds. You don’t need a fortune, but even 1,000 euros can be enough. All you need to know.

Postal bonds: an investment for our children – (thewisemagazine.it)

So let’s talk about Postal savings bonds for a minor Which, even in the face of small expenses, can be a tool for ensuring a certain economic stability for our children or grandchildren. It is a profitable investment for the future of our children, also in view of the fact that finding a job is becoming increasingly difficult and therefore, even having a pension in the future may be a utopia for many.

In short, personal investments must be made, above all, in periods of greater uncertainty. Perfect for invigorating on the occasion of a birthday or baptism, for example. Basically, the Italian Post Office thought of a tool that would allow the accumulation of important capital for the child. Here’s how to orient yourself toward an important choice.

Postal savings bonds to our boys

Let’s start by saying that the return on a Postal Savings Bond for minors depends on the duration of the investment and the applicable interest rate. can be invested Minimum amount of 50 Euros, up to a maximum of 50,000 Euros for every minor. The expiration date coincides with the completion of the minor’s eighteenth birthday, and therefore with the attainment of majority.

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Postal savings bonds for minors: everything you need to know – (thewisemagazine.it)

usually It starts with 2.5% in the first year and then reaches 4.5% in the eighteenth year. It is a very important tool, also because you can enjoy a preferential tax of 12.50% on annuities and you do not have to pay inheritance tax. In general, they may have Total returns are close to 60% after taxes.

Particularly interesting is the ratio if we invest the €1,000, which we took as our guiding star, when the child is born. In eighteen years, the amount of €1,000 will double, to €2,043. Moreover, a figure that can grow even more (therefore approaching up to 60% if money is paid regularly, for example on every birthday).

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