“Ready to come back” – Libero Quotidiano

“Ready to come back” – Libero Quotidiano

Massimo Giletti Will he return to Rai? It’s a real bomb dropped by Alberto Dandolo above today. According to the weekly magazine, Giletti was going to go up to the upper floors of Viale Mazzini, which would most likely determine his return to Rai. Among other things He gives it She also reported on the ongoing rumors about the possibility of a brand new variety show to host. Among the rumors that have appeared on Auggie should not be underestimated.

It is clear that Gilletti would still like to host “Non è l’Arena” again, perhaps not in La7, but who knows one day Viale Mazzini will return the program to the “parent company”. A few days ago, it was Il Foglio who relaunched the news of the host’s return to Ray, adding some details: “Gillitti will return to Ray with a new look, with a new variety programme. Agreement on seven entertaining episodes.”

Massimo Giletti disappeared for several months?  Conversion: where they filmed it |  look

We will see what happens. But in reality, it seems, rumors of Giletti returning to Ray continue one after another and something must be true. We’ll probably have to wait until the new year to understand where Giletti will fit in the timelines. But certainly, taking into account the latest rumours, the odds of a return to Viale Mazzini are starting to rise.

Ray, Mediaset?  No, where is Giletti really going: the secret bomb

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