June 9, 2023

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Dybala, Juventus, the keyhole and all its facts

A little clarity first of all. Paulo Dybala And his lawyers won’t ask for $50 million Juventus. And at the moment, they have not filed any lawsuits against the club which, according to the 2021 agreement, is part of the so-called Salary maneuver, you will pay him about three million euros. It is reasonable to believe that they will be paid, even if both parties remain silent. In fact, we have discovered all these events and are still discovering them through the keyhole. Fragments of a biased reconstruction, taken out of context and fed to public opinion, whose appetite for itch has become increasingly voracious during thirty years of judicial voyeurism. Then much later, who knows when there will be a trial and discussion and we will open the door to the issue of salaries, agreements and secret papers, and we will listen to two voices, and we will have a complete and perhaps clearer picture. But on Monday, o’clock TurinWe’ll only have a preliminary hearing forPrisma investigationwhich according to the rights manuals is the first step in the process of proving the guilt or innocence of a suspect.