UniboPER/PhD Storytelling – UniboMagazine

UniboPER/PhD Storytelling – UniboMagazine

Everything is ready for the new edition of the Laboratory Path of the University of Bologna created in collaboration with the Union of Italian Science Journalists – UGIS: seminars, workshops and certificates to move in the fascinating world of publishing, learning to inform research and data results

It starts again UniboPER/PhD StorytellingLaboratory path For doctoral students from the University of Bologna In cooperation withUnion of Italian Science Journalists – UGIS. A program of seminars, workshops and certifications designed to promote the dissemination of research in the community in a simple and effective way.

The initiative was conceived as part of public participation activities at the University of Bologna, coordinated by the Rector’s Delegate for Public Participation Maria Letizia GuerraIt includes testimonials from Teachers active in publishing and alma mater workerswith Professional journalists of the Union of Italian Science Journalists (UGIS).

Symposium interventions On the relationship between science and society, science journalism and the media systemalternating with the laboratory that PhD students will be involved in creating A real popular article on the topic of their research.

It will guide young people in their thinking about the connection between science and technology John Caprarascience columnist for Corriere della Sera and president of UGIS, while UGIS journalists Cristina Bellone, Emilio Vitaliano, and Salvatore Giannella They will be the heroes of laboratory activities, to learn how to tell science to the youngest, to the experts, to the curious. Along with specific, in-depth lessons from two other UGIS members, Elena Bauer and Giuseppe Nocera.

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Then the stories are added To disseminate and communicate science edited by Many professors and experts from their alma materfrom Mark Berettaprofessor of the history of sciences and technologies, even Laura FabryProfessor of Experimental Physics and Director of the Science Narrative Workshop (ONSCI). There will also be letters On the communication system of his alma materfrom the press office to the scientific publishing office, to inform all doctoral students Opportunities offered by the university to communicate research to the community.

Since last year’s edition, informative texts have been born and published in UniboMagazine e on the UGIS website. It was also made in the same spirit GenerAzioni Review: Search Meets Cityan initiative organized byAlma mater And from Salabursa Library – Library and Cultural Welfare Sector of the Municipality of Bolognato start a dialogue between citizens and young people who attended doctoral research at the University of Bologna.

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