Sinner in the finals: he replaced Berrettini, but in the semi-finals it will be very difficult …

In the past 25 years, 13 players entered the tournament, and none of the top four finished. But being there is important in terms of standings and prizes

From our reporter Federica Cocchi

The official arrived: Matteo Berrettini could not pass, and Yannick Sener enters his place in the red group at the Nitto ATP Finals. This isn’t the first time this has happened, in the past 25 years there have been 13 players taking charge after the tournament kicked off. Among the remaining three matches, on Tuesday against Hurkacz and on Thursday against world number 2 Medvedev. Even if he scores two wins, with points being equal to another player, the matches he has played will be watched, and Jannick, having missed one, will be judged to leave.


In the past, only one player had the “luck” to play three out of three matches: Mariano Puerta in 2005 replaced Nadal at the start of the tournament, and had three defeats. In the past two years, the reserves have not been “used” and the last substitute player to run in the tournament was Pablo Carreno, who in 2017 replaced compatriot Nadal who lost to Tim and Dimitrov. However, no substitute was able to reach the semi-finals. It then begs the question: Why should a player who initially knows they are almost certainly not seeking victory in the tournament, or at least the final stage, should go to the Nitto ATP Finals as a substitute instead of enjoying the week after that. Maldives atoll? The answer is simple: money and points. Above all, loot the very tasty points: every match won in the group equals 200. In Sinner’s case, considering Aliassime’s departure to the semi-finals in Stockholm, winning a match could mean ending 2021 as the top ten. In terms of attendance fees, the two reserves collect €80,496 just for being there, and in the case of ‘Employment’ the participation bonus will be €149,573, the same amount that is earned for each victory in the Round Robin.

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