The Favorites to Win the Big Sporting Events This Year

With any big sporting event comes a rumble of discussion. While the anticipation might be focused on the grandeur of the event itself, the thought at the back of everyone’s mind is ‘who’s going to take home the gold this year?’ Well, nobody can know the answer to that question for sure, but there is always a favorite, and that’s as close as you’re going to get.

Your reasons for being interested in this topic could vary from one of the enthusiastic viewer, especially if you’re a lifelong fan of whichever sport is in question, to one of someone who is planning on betting on these events – which is always a popular hobby when these events roll around. There is knowledge to be gained to enhance your experience in either case.

Football World Cup 2022

If you’re a fan of betting on sports or sporting events using sites like, the football world cup could be described as ‘the big one’ and might be what you have your eye on. The nature surrounding the upcoming world cup based in Qatar has been the source of controversy for multiple years now, so to finally see it coming up might feel somewhat surreal. Still, there are games to be played and winners to be had, and at the end of the day, one team will stand victorious – the only question is, which one? Teams such as Italy, the current reigning champions, and Belgium, who some claim are the current best in the world, might be who you want to keep your eye on when hedging your bets.

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Another sport that has found itself to be the center of controversy and discussion recently is that of Tennis, thanks to the news stories surrounding popular favorite and successful player Djokovic. While there are many grand slam tournaments throughout any given year, Wimbledon is one that many people like to circle on their calendars. With the recent, aforementioned news in everyone’s mind, the big question is one that asks if Djokovic will even be allowed to compete?

If he is allowed to compete, the consensus seems to be that Djokovic will still be the favorite, with the other primary contenders for that title being Medvedev, Nadal, or Berrettini.

Grand Prix 2022

A different sport that you might have your eye on could be that of F1, which has it is highly anticipated annual Grand Prix coming up. While the answer to the question of ‘who’s the favorite’ might not be much of a shock to you in this instance – with many agreeing that it’s Lewis Hamilton – it’s a question worth asking, as such a thing is viable to change at any given year.

Having a sense of who is likely to come out of these various sporting events on top is not only something that can be beneficial to you if you’re planning on partaking in the betting sides of things, but it can also help your viewing experience, as it helps you appreciate the arc of a good underdog story should the result surprise everyone.

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