Dragon's Dogma 2: A big update is coming, but not for performance

Dragon's Dogma 2: A big update is coming, but not for performance

Improvement and development work is ongoing Dragon's Doctrine 2Capcom recently posted a message on X to inform about the various items that will be included in the Big update coming soon In the coming period, even if it does not seem that there will be any specific maneuvers regarding this performance.

The correction in question is expected by End of April It will bring with it several game-specific fixes, but it appears that no improvements are expected on the performance issue, which instead seems to remain a priority for players.

That is, unless the notes posted by Capcom so far are only partial, of course, but given how they go into detail and the amount of tweaks the update should entail, it seems like the developers have been focused on other features for the time being.

Lots of icon modifications and more

Dragon's Dogma 2 was well received, but had performance issues

The elements touched upon are many and they are all very specific: we are talking about reducing Repeated infection with dragon plaguewith marks that will be more visible (such as brighter eyes), in order to rebalance this element a little.

Other features include options to zoom in on Arisen faces and icons in the status screen, stores, and other menus, as well as fixing some related issues Mini map.

Many changes in behavior are expected Pawns, related to artificial intelligence and pathfinding, as well as more consistent and coherent dialogues with context and more. Added to these things are many bug fixes and various technical problems.

We remind you that the April 9 patch has been released in recent days to correct progress problems.

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