Many crashes on Xbox Series X, angry players –

Coming to stores on November 19, Battlefield 2042 Since yesterday, it has been available in early access for those who purchased the Gold or Ultimate Edition. In the past few hours, many have complained Ongoing accidents with version Xbox Xbox X.

as stated KotakuThe issue was reported on the official Battlefield forum, with custom theme Full of reports. Some players are complaining about crashes on other platforms as well, but Xbox Series X appears to be the most affected at the moment.

Some users claim that Battlefield 2042 has been crashing continuously since Early Access launched, and others state that they can only play for a few minutes before Console turns off lonliness.

EA and DICE representatives stepped into the thread and did everything they could to help players, but the proposed solutions, such as making sure that the console was updated to the latest firmware, did not lead to tangible results.

Several users on Reddit are also complaining about crashes in Battlefield 2042 on Series X.

“I played two games with my friends. I had no problems for at least 10 minutes, then in the next game, boom, my Xbox Series X shuts down completely by itself. I turned it on again, but couldn’t rejoin the game. Party for some strange reason

“This is a serious problem that needs solving. When you can’t even complete a match and your console shuts down on its own, that’s bad.”

Some comments on Reddit “I didn’t pay $120 just to have the game crash and get me back to the dashboard after every game”.

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This is actually a very serious problem, but one that DICE developers should be able to solve before global launch Battlefield 2042, scheduled for November 19.

However, we put ourselves in the shoes of those who spent €99.99 for Gold or €119.99 for the Ultimate Edition, which among other advantages allows us to get to the full game a week in advance, we can understand their anger and frustration.

If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend reading the latest Battlefield 2042 beta under review.

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