There is a giant that makes both Apple and Tesla tremble: the electricity it produces is a true masterpiece

There is a giant that makes both Apple and Tesla tremble: the electricity it produces is a true masterpiece

A new major competitor to Tesla and Apple, with the two American giants now having to pay attention to the news of the future.

The United States has always been one of the main reference points worldwide for automobile production and technology. So it should not be surprising if the materials used by companies and businesses born in this nation are diverse across the planet.

Tesla and Apple are shaking (Canva –

At the technological level there is no doubt about the fact that the exceptional quality is guaranteed apple unique. iPhone and iPad are among the most sought-after gadgets in the world, although the market price is often higher than average, but its authenticity is validated by the absolute quality of the product.

The same goes for tesla, With the giant Elon Musk Which in recent years has managed to enter the global automotive world with a straight leg. The American company has proven its ability to create a series of high-level cars, always remaining within the scope of electric mobility.

Zero impact is definitely the future and a reality Tesla He showed the world that luxury cars could be produced that did not pollute the environment, and it turned out to be a very successful move. But this is the right time Apple from TeslaDespite operating in different fields, they find themselves facing the same competitor who is close to putting the two giants in a difficult position.

Xiaomi SU7: here is the new device from China

that China At this moment, you represent one of the countries with the most vibrant and dense market without a doubt. In fact, we can see this in the series of exceptional cars and mobile phones that are becoming more and more common, but it seems that someone has understood that the future of modern entrepreneurship will be to connect as many winning projects together as possible.

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Xiaomi SU7 Apple Tesla future problems
Xiaomi SU7 (Xiaomi Press Media –

So here it is Xiaomi Not only is it highlighting itself with a series of unusual mobile phone models, but at the same time it is trying to launch itself into the reality of electric cars. So in 2025, one of the cars ready to disrupt the market will be born: the exciting one Su7.

The model in question will be a luxury sedan and will be one of the company's most prominent cars, with the overwhelming enthusiasm shared by Xiaomi's CEO, i.e. She is June. The latter explained how the intention is to become one of the world's top five car manufacturers within 20 years, meaning it won't just be a one-off model.

Xiaomi's work starts from afar, in fact, in order to give life to this exceptional model, the Chinese company has collaborated with two other Asian giants such as BYD and CATL, the leading battery manufacturer in China. We are talking about a model that will be able to travel up to 800 kilometers on a single charge and thanks to a 673 hp engine will be able to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.78, making it a 'very luxury car'.

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