Kitchen lamps with a unique and modern design: the idea that should be imitated is that of the house of Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini

Kitchen lamps with a unique and modern design: the idea that should be imitated is that of the house of Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini

An idea to emulate, these are the beautiful kitchen lights with a unique design found in the home of Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini.

In recent years, lighting has also become very important in our homes. With the arrival of LEDs, the concept of lighting has been somewhat revolutionized Very special and design solutions, with light that can become the absolute protagonist of the room. Shape, color intensity, with new technologies everything is possible, perhaps even using the old style in contrast to a purely modern room. The kitchen, being the place where we work most often and need excellent lighting, therefore becomes the room with the most distinctive and personalized lighting.

Who has a large island in his kitchen, as in the case of a married couple Beatrice Valli and Marco FantiniIt is beautiful to create a unique space, so the lighting also becomes a separate element from the rest of the room, to emphasize the importance and beauty of the island that has personal and unique lighting. lights it They come down from the ceiling We meticulously illuminate the work area where we prepare our dishes with dedication. The island usually becomes our work surface, where we chop vegetables and mix ingredients. The right light makes the entire kitchen stand out, giving it shape, color and also a touch of design.

Uniquely designed lamp

Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini recently moved to Luxury apartment in Milan, in the CityLife area, in the same building as Ferragnez. It is located on the ground floor and although it is in a large residential complex, the large window overlooks a beautiful green area a little far from the city. One disadvantage seems to be the lack of natural light entering the house. Really beautiful and elegant kitchenwhich takes us a little towards natural colours, can only have lighting at the required level, with lights that come down from the ceiling and illuminate the island in a unique and distinctive way.

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Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini, the uniquely designed lights and lamp in their kitchen are absolutely worth copying

Beautiful lighting of the house of Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini (Source IG vallibeatrice) –

Simple design, but essential for the design of the entire room. The lights are subtle and soft creating the right atmosphere. Even the ceiling is affected by the design of this lighting with a groove that divides the spaces. As if it defined the kitchen itself. The choice of colors is perfect, the light wood blends perfectly with the almost desert beige. A style with a Scandinavian and Iberian flavour, truly amazing.

These lights that come down from the ceiling like this It has been designed to perfectionThe right height, quantity and distance between them, highlighting the entire kitchen and the island in particular. The matte black color blends perfectly with everything around it, and is somehow reminiscent of the color of the devices. Truly an idea worth imitating.

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