“I ask you to be peacemakers” – Flama Agency

“I ask you to be peacemakers” – Flama Agency

The Pope meets with students and teachers of the Italian National Network of Schools for Peace

“At this time of still war, I ask you to be peacemakers.” This was the main message that Pope Francis left to the world More than 6,000 boys and girls From the Italian National Network of Schools for Peace, whom he met on Friday in the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican.

In a lively speech, as highlighted by the Vatican media, The Pope has repeatedly asked for the children's restitutionFrancis made a special appeal to remember children suffering from war and conflict, especially those in Ukraine “who have forgotten how to smile,” and those in Gaza who are “persecuted” and “hungry.”

Francesc thanked the minors for their “enthusiasm” and “passionate and generous commitment” to working for a better future. Regarding the future summit that will be organized by the United Nations in New York next fall, Francesc indicated this Your contribution is essential To ensure that decisions made on paper become “tangible and realized through change pathways and actions”.

“Courage and creativity” to face challenges

Regarding the challenges facing today's world, the Pope warned of the need to put “courage and creativity” at the service of “the world.” A collective dream that encourages lasting commitment Let us face together the environmental, economic, political and social crises that our planet is going through.” He added: “It is a dream that requires us to be awake, not asleep, and it is achieved through prayer, that is, with God, and not by our own strength.”

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Pope Francis highlighted two key words at the heart of his commitment: “peace” and “care,” two ideas that have been “interconnected” ever since. “True peace is not merely the absence of violence, but an atmosphere of goodwillAnd the trust and love that can mature in a society based on caring relationships.”

“A place of brotherhood”

In a meeting there He once again demonstrated his deep affection for children and young peopleFrancis called on them to do their part in promoting peace in the world. “In a society that remains a prisoner of disposable culture, I ask you to be champions of inclusion; in a world torn apart by global crises, I ask you to be builders of the future, so that our common home becomes a place of brotherhood.

Finally, Francesc invited the children over Oppose indifference with a caring attitudeHe urged them to “always worry about the fate of the planet and people” and “about the future that opens up before us, because it can truly be what God dreams of for all: a future of peace and beauty for all of humanity.”

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