Dominica N., “Mara Vinier is on a rampage with Manuel Portozzo: She sent him to that country and canceled the guest”

Dominica N., “Mara Vinier is on a rampage with Manuel Portozzo: She sent him to that country and canceled the guest”

Mara Vinier ‘fancula’ Manuel PortozzoIt’s the site To drop the stray bomb a few hours after the episode Sunday in On Sunday, May 8, he revealed not only that the show’s swimmer host is missing, but also why. According to reports, Mara Vinier wouldn’t have liked Bortozo meeting with her Silvia Tovanen in a loop very right It aired on Canale 5 only yesterday, Saturday 7 May, and so it will be He called Manuel and his father Franco and told him that their presence was no longer welcome. Guest Manuel Bortuzzo skip a Sunday in And Reveals the reason – we read -. There are no unexpected events that prevent the former competitor of big brother vip To participate in the Sunday broadcast of Rai 1, but by the will of Mara Vinier, his presence is no longer expected. ”

The swimmer should have shown the long-awaited biopic with his father.”born again‘, which will air at its peak on Rai1 tonight only with Alessio Boni and Giancarlo Comari as Franco and Manuel Portozo. But, writes again, ‘However, the guest Venier is now on fire, due to Manuel being present yesterday afternoon at Verissimo da Silvia Toffanin. Seen by competition only 24 hours ago, for the Sunday Lady in Rai 1 Obviously, Manuel’s post is no longer interestingAt the moment, there are no official confirmations or comments from those directly involved.

Manuel Portozo Verissimo, among others, has had a lot of talk separates from Lulu Selassieknown big brother vip (aired in recent months on Canale 5). “The decision to leave Lulu was my ownHe said, recounting a different version of events from that given by his ex-girlfriend in recent days. “My family has always supported me in my life plans, but they have always left me free to make personal choices.” The decision to end the relationship, perhaps dictated by the acknowledgment of how different life is within Casa del Gf VIP And the real life that was waiting for him outside: “Probably – said Bortozo to Verissimo – I imagined everything, dreamed of many things that would not come true thenFinally, she responded to criticism of Lulu herself for being left with a press release: “I spoke to her several times – Manuel added – but she never listened to me. So I decided to take out the version and I blocked it. It was the only way to make me listen. Maybe for her, real life is what she writes on social media, for me it’s not like that.”

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