The bonus for the fast Internet is coming: how to order 300 euros from the state?

The bonus for the fast Internet is coming: how to order 300 euros from the state?

The digitization of Italy inevitably goes through the development plan that the government is trying to implement to improve the quality of life in Italy and in the name of progress. There is not only a key to the transition to a new generation of TV / set-top box capable of increasing signal quality, with related bonuses. The government voucher scheme will provide other opportunities.

Fast Internet, Bonus Access –

In fact, it was already talked about at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, but you want the shutdown you want it slow in the usual process, nothing has been done yet. Perhaps, this time, times are more mature.

The government, In fact, it has already launched the public consultation for these expected and promised discounts until the end of 2020. The consultation, in which operators participate to determine the final rules, ends this month and includes 300 EUR Good for all Italian families, no income limits.

The second phase of the country’s digitization plan

Internet Connection Technology 20220506
Internet Connection –

Be careful not to confuse it with a business voucher plan, which aims to enhance contact a high speed internet The digitization of the production system throughout the national territory. This has already been in operation since March 1 and is for companies that can ask for a minimum of 300 euros to a maximum of 2500 euros for services to call to Ultra broadband From 30 Mbit/s to more than 1 Gbit/s. This is aimed specifically at citizens.

The ruling, which is awaiting ratification, provides for the introduction of an important privilege that will affect all citizens regardless of From Essie: It may be requested without any limit, except for the categories provided.

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The government has allocated 400 million (407 to be exact) to this initiative: citizens who fall into the categories that can apply for the reward for fast Internet and will receive vouchers of up to three hundred euros for ultra-broadband, with a maximum of 24 months or more at the end of the government amount allocated to the digitization process This country.

This measure already exists, but it is subject to income limits with the barrier introduced by ISEE, which amounts to two thousand euros. Practically speaking, this barrier no longer exists in Stage 2, there at most Three hundred euros per familyas long as it is without connection services or connection services below the performance of NGA (less than 30 Mbps).

The Ministry of Economic Development chose Infratel Italy As the implementing body of the Italian Ultra-Broadband Strategy. It is an Italian public company operating in the telecommunications sector for the Ministry of Economic Development, and it is an internal company in it.

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