In Piazza del Popolo free concerts for three days

In Piazza del Popolo free concerts for three days

Great music is back live on TV, online and in some of Italy’s most memorable arenas. It starts on Thursday 23 June from Rome: the first three evenings of Tim Summer Hits will take place, in fact, in Piazza del Popolo and then continue in other cities.

The absolute stars of Summer 2022 are shining with the biggest names in Italian music. The team will be led by Andrea Delogo and Stefano Di Martino. After the capital, we will move on to Portopiccolo (TS) and Rimini.

“With the confirmation of the participation of Tommaso Paradiso and Malika Ayan, the cast of summer business stars has become even richer. Rome and Piazza del Popolo, from today until Saturday, will be at the heart of the national and international music scene”, stated the consultant for major events, tourism, sports and fashion in the capital Rome, Alessandro Onorato. “In cooperation with Mayor Gualtieri, we have chosen to bring back the tradition of free concerts in the square to Rome, to give everyone, residents and tourists the opportunity to attend a unique show. There will be three evenings of musical celebrations. An additional opportunity for tourists to choose Rome and for residents to experience the city under a new guise: smaller More engaging and lively.”

Team Summer Hits 2022

There are many artists who will take the TIM Summer Hits stage. Here you will find a complete list:

Achille Lauro, Aiello, Aka 7 Even, Albee, Alessandra Amoroso, Alex, Alvaro Soler, Anna Mina, Arisa, Pepe K, Biagio Antonaki, Blanco, Bob Sinclair, Bomdabach and Annalisa, Priscina DONATELLA RETTORE and TANCREDI, ELISA, ERMALIE ELODME , FABRI FIBRA, MAURIZIO CARUCCI, FABRIZIO MORO, FEDERICO ROSSI, FEDEZ, FRANCESCA MICHIELIN, FRANCESCO GABBANI, GABRICI FIBRA, 126 Alessio, Giusei Ferre, Irama, J-AX and SHADE, JUSTIN FRLAED QUILES REPRESENTATIVE LISTA and , LAZZA, LDA, LUCHE, LUIGI STRANGIS, MADAME, MALIKA AYANI, MARACO Marco Mingoni, Margherita Vicario, Mario Peony, Marrakech, Matteo Bocelli, Matteo Romano, Michael Babel, Michel Braffi, Mr. Ryan, Mika, Maes Keita, Nick, Nina Zelle, Noemi and Karl Braff, Tactical Nuclear Penguins, Prestis, Raff, Rafael Gualazzi, Ruf, Ricomi, Rocco Hunt and Eletra Lamborghini & Lolo, Colors, Tommaso Paradiso, Umberto Tosi, Valentina Barez, Jones, Vibrations, Willie Beauty.

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The Roman Histories of Tim Summer Hits

The first three stages of the musical event will be, as expected, in Rome. The artists will be divided as follows: on June 23, Blanco, Quiz, Elisa, Elodie, Fabri Vibra, Maurizio Carucci, Laza, Maracach and Sanjovani will perform at 9 pm. On June 24th, again at 9pm, it will be Alessandra Amoroso, Biagio Antonacci, Galli, Gigi Di Alessio, Irama, Justin Quills and Fred de Palma, Luigi Strangis, Madame, Marco Mingoni, Michael Bublé, Noemi & Carl Brave , the Penguins Tate Nuclear, Rocco Hunt, Eletra Lamborghini and Lola Indigo, Tanani and Umberto Tozzi. On June 25, it will be Achille Lauro, Ailo, Alex, Annalisa and Bombadash, Baby K, Fabrizio Moro, Framescu Gabbani, Francesco Renga, Gaya, Mika, Nick, Ruff and Valentina Baresi.

Radio Rai 2 and Radio Italia will be the official radios for TIM Summer Hits, telling all the emotions in the evenings and also the curiosities behind the scenes. Both will broadcast the dates in the same broadcast with Rai2. TIM Summer Hits will also be available in video streaming on Radio2 TV on RaiPlay and will be broadcast on Radio Italia TV every Friday evening from 9pm and Saturday morning from 9am. Radio2 and Radio Italia. TIM Summer Hits is a multimedia project for local events created by Rai Pubblicità and TIM, produced by Friends & Partners in collaboration with Radio Italia.

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