Two pictures show the growth of Undead Labs –

Two pictures show the growth of Undead Labs –

Above Undead Labs at the time of the first waning state, below Undead Labs today

Undead Labs published two pictures To show the size of the development team at the time of the first state of decay and how the development workforce has grown state of decay 3. For fans of Abacus, it has gone from thirteen initial developers to over a hundred current developers.

Note that in the first image, Undead Labs was an independent team, while in the second image it was part of Xbox Game Studios. An insignificant detail to assess the increase in staff. Of course, in the middle was also the success of State of Decay 2, a title that started quietly but thrived thanks to truly exceptional support, which continues today and which has turned it into one of the best zombie-based games on the market.

Of course, the increased size of the development team also tells us something about what we can expect from State of Decay 3, i.e. it’s going to be triple A production and no longer double like Chapter 2. So Undead Labs will have more resources at their disposal to bring their ideas to life (so to speak).

For the rest, we remind you that the Decay 3 case is in development for Xbox Series X, S and PC. A release date hasn’t been set yet, but we hope to be back to watch it soon.

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