Gecko’s Jazz Fusion – District 7

Gecko’s Jazz Fusion – District 7

Geckos jazz fusion
Geckos jazz fusion

Gekkos arose as a result of the friendship between five young musicians (among them a former student of the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Manresa Aina López) who knew each other through the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. The curiosity that drives them to explore all the possibilities with this formation, makes their original music diverse, fresh and, above all, made with great taste.

A jazz concert with the GEKKOS Quintet

Each band member’s musical backgrounds are also reflected in their music, which turns out to be a mix between jazz, pop, funk and gospel. All of these factors, along with his live performance, cross the stage barrier and make the audience feel the magic and desire to hear and experience this artistic presentation directly.

Saxo and voice

Aina Lopez

Piano and voice

Christian Gonzalez

Drums and voice

April Syrian


Nestor Perez


Eric Elias

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