In the library comes “Let’s learn!” events in Novara

In the library comes “Let’s learn!”  events in Novara

In Verbania from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd January, the first edition of “Let’s Flag!” , with many appointments for all ages, from a soft corner with Lego Duplo for boys and girls up to 6 years old, to appointments for boys and girls. Girls, even meetings aimed at adults.

Friday, January 20th is dedicated to the meetings organized with the “She is a Scientist” association in Bologna, which are related to science and gender issues. Is the research and method of science narration conditional on gender? Meaning, what are the most common stereotypes and communicative deceptions when it comes to science? For example, what does a newspaper headline like “Mom and Swimming: Who Is Andrea Ghez the Nobel Prize in Physics” hide? The appointment, with quizzes and readings, is at 6pm, with Nicole Ticci and Federica La Russa (a meeting of the schools is also scheduled for the morning, to be booked by calling 0323.401510).

Appointments run all day Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January: At 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sabrina Rondinelli, author of Perfect Children, talks with Daniele Giandolini, literature expert for boys and girls. The meeting targets boys and girls up to 10 years old.

Followed by cool inventions, building lab and digital storytelling with Lego Education Kits, in two shifts by reservation (3.30pm and 4.45pm). Again on Saturday January 21st at 4.30pm there will be a meeting with the author Lorenzo Pregliasco, who has just published the book Benedetti’s Surveys. Read the data, to understand
Present ”, in conversation with Giovanni Marie, teacher of the Cobianchi Institute in Verbania.

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Sunday 22 January “The game of the Bee”, a workshop on coding and building with educational Lego sets intended for families and groups with boys and girls aged 6 to 8, is scheduled in two shifts by reservation (3.30pm and 4.45pm ).

As for the adult audience, an encounter entitled “On the High Seas” is scheduled for 16:30, with a dialogue between author Danilo Zagaria and Michela Rugura, researcher at the Cnr Institute in Verbania. The meeting is devoted to the topic of water pollution and takes its cue from an event that occurred on January 10, 1992, when the container ship Ever Laurel was hit by a storm while crossing the Pacific Ocean. This one, bent on its side, lost part of the load, including 7,200 packages of friendly floaties, which are small, colorful plastic animals sold to keep kids company during bath time. Designed to float, they began to travel tens of thousands of kilometers, and were found in every corner of the globe.

The last appointment, at the age of 18, is dedicated to the discovery of the Metaverse, in the presence of Simone Arcagni, university professor, journalist and writer specializing in digital culture.

During the three days there is also a soft corner for boys and girls from 0 to 6 years old with Lego Duplo.

All appointments are free and reservations are recommended on the library system website

“Let’s do science!” Made possible by collaboration with the Experience of Metropolitan Culture Foundation, the Archimede Civic Multimedia Library, the Settimo Torinese Festival of Innovation and Science and is the scientist of Aps. “Let’s do science!” It is part of the project “As You Do Not Expect. The Library and the City”, supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

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