Coursera – Inter, Zhang is confident. Oaktree, there is a possibility of an extension

Coursera – Inter, Zhang is confident.  Oaktree, there is a possibility of an extension

The company’s issue continues to take center stage at the Nerazzurri: negotiations with the PIMCO fund have not been finalised

Time is running out, and the Zhang family has yet to find a way to repay the debt they took out in 2021 from the US Oaktree Fund. This is because the negotiation with the other PIMCO fund, which was said to be in the process of being determined, is in fact not closed at all. the Corriere della Sera He tried to explain the problem of the Nerazzurri company: “A debt of 375 million and 72 hours to pay it, a financial challenge. These are the ingredients of an Inter saga that involves three heroes – Suning, Oaktree and Pimco – and a conspiracy full of half-rumours, crossed suspicions and mutual accusations. The ending remains to be written. The only certain fact is that by the beginning of next week, the Suning Group will have to repay the $275 million loan (plus 100 million interest) granted in 2021 by Oaktree to the Luxembourg Grand Tower, Inter’s control fund. To do this, Chinese real estate has been negotiating for a long time with the giant Pimco, aiming to get the $430 million needed for repayment and at least another two and a half years from Stephen Chang’s presidency.“.

Looking ahead to the celebration on May 20, the Nerazzurri president appears calm and confident that an agreement with PIMCO can be reached. But there is no doubt that negotiations on refinancing have become complicated. There are those who claim that Oaktree is hindering its success to avoid delaying the sale of Inter. In fact, based on the contract stipulated three years ago with Suning, the Fund is entitled to collect a portion of the club’s transfer price.

However, according to sources close to Oaktree, there is no obstruction, just a debt to be paid: they stress that the creditor will not have the ability to oppose timely payment. That is, it arrives within three days. Little formalization of the agreement with PIMCO and structuring of the related financial process. Thus, the possibility of extension is raised among those working in this sector. At the moment, Suning is not ordering it but it cannot be ruled out that the order will arrive within the next few hours. However, in this case, it will be necessary to understand whether Oaktree is ready to grant it and under what conditions“.

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