Do you have any idea what this old phone token is worth? unexpected

Do you have any idea what this old phone token is worth?  unexpected

The telephone code is part of the history of our country. There is an older one in particular that could be worth some money.

Phone code –

In modern times, most of the people depend heavily on telecommunication devices in particular on smart phones.

These devices are unique in that they serve multiple purposes and are a direct evolution of old telephone devices incl public telephonewhich was the predecessor to modern mobile phones.

Although the younger generations may not be familiar with these devices, they played an important role in the communicative and social context of Italian cities and beyond until relatively recently.

Sometimes they were seen as collectors’ items and used as a substitute for coins. Most telephone codes from the 1950s onwards were identified with specific four-digit numbers, Like 7508which remains a rare find for the average individual.

How to identify a valuable phone code

To determine the value of a coin, you must first determine its age. This can be done by examining the four numbers embossed on its surface which indicate month and year from its inception.

Depending on these numbers, the currency value It will vary, increase or decrease according to the level of preservation.

Two euro is rare
Two is rare

Like pooled coins, tokens must be in pristine condition to hold significant value, which means No scratches or marks on its surface will greatly reduce its value.

Tokens belonging to a rare series and those with minor minting errors are generally worth more.

These tokens are often overvalued 100 euros. For example, CMM code 7805, which has a coinage error that results in an inverted image of the phone on the reverse side, is being sold for 487 euros On Etsy ea 399 euros on ebay.

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While the value of some tokens may vary, the total auction value is usually lower.

Generally the value of the token can be About 1 euroWorth 10 euros in good condition, or Between 30 and 40 euros If it is in an exceptional case.

It is important to note that prices are subjective and may vary depending on the specific deal.

In the end, like market forces Demand and availability It plays an important role in determining the final price.

Code 7508: Here is its true value

more 20 secondsAlong with the widespread use of telephones by individuals, telephone symbols appeared. During this period, the first telephone services and equipment were developed, as well as state-owned telephone “branches”. Like Stipel which provided telephone services in the northwest region of the country.

phone codes

In the 1960s, Stipel merged into sip He is credited with creating the first token in 1927which was made from a combination of materials such as nickel silver (which was commonly used at the time) and zinc.

The so-called “primitive” symbols were made exclusively for illustrative purposes and are intended for use in telephone equipment during the period of operation Milan Trade Fair 1927.

After Stipel and other Italian companies such as THETIS, SET and THYMO They created tokens for private use, and the token concept united with the best of post-war technology.

This created a single form with grooves to facilitate insertion into public telephones, and the tokens were recognized before having four digits.

The numeric code on the sample indicates the year and month of its development, with the first two digits indicating the year and the last two digits indicating the month. For example, carry a sample Code 7508 It came true in August 1975.

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Production of the tokens was limited to a few establishments in August 1975, making them very rare.

As a result, collectors are increasingly interested in obtaining them, and a well-preserved token can cost money From 15 to 45 eurosAlthough the actual value may vary depending on storage conditions.

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