Playstation has a plan for all PC gamers: it’s moving in complete secrecy

Playstation has a plan for all PC gamers: it’s moving in complete secrecy

Playstation clearly has a very specific plan for PC gamers that it is implementing in complete secrecy: what it is.

Starting in 2021, Sony has decided to expand its user base through transportation The games with the greatest impact are also on PC. Currently, the Japanese giant’s policy is that exclusives are released primarily on respective consoles and that only later – generally after two years – are they released on PC.

Playstation’s secret plan for PC users: what’s cooking –

Many PC users are demanding this from Sony Publish PS5 exclusives to PC at the same time, Just like Microsoft has done with Xbox consoles for several years now. However, at the moment, it does not seem that the Japanese company is ready to change its strategy, also because it would mean antagonizing its fan base who at that point would have no reason to continue to own a PS5 instead of a PC and especially with a gaming PC. .

However, something is moving. Sony has now decided that all of its titles will come to PC sooner or later, and has acquired development studio Nixxes, which specializes in porting titles from console to PC, to avoid having to rely on third-party companies. The goal is certainly to expand the user base of internally produced video games and make as much profit as possible from publishing a single title.

Does Sony have a secret plan for PC users?

So could we see a cross-platform rollout of first-party titles from Sony in the future? The possibility currently seems remote, however This does not mean that the Japanese company does not want to build loyalty Pampering PC users. According to what was revealed by True Trophies, a site that specializes in finding a list of trophies for all video games, Playstation trophies may soon be available on personal computers as well.

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PlayStation secret plan
Is Sony planning to bring its award list to PC gaming as well? – –

This assumption is based on a rather interesting idea. The site actually exists on the Internet Platform called “PSPC” Which is used to add trophies to a video game produced by Sony and released on PC. This platform is currently in the testing phase and we do not know when it will actually be used to add trophies to the title in question, but the fact that it exists is evidence of Sony’s plans.

As True Trophies itself points out, in reality, Playstation won’t allow a third-party company to do thisEnter his platform within PSNWhich means that this was most likely developed by Sony itself or by an external company, but at the will and at the request of the Japanese giant.

Although it may seem simple, having the trophy list also exist in the PC versions means giving users of this console the full Playstation experience, treating them just like players who complete games on Sony consoles.

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