Ukraine, direct dam destroyed near Kherson, exchange of accusations between Moscow and Kiev. Use: “many deaths”

Ukraine, direct dam destroyed near Kherson, exchange of accusations between Moscow and Kiev.  Use: “many deaths”

Dam, USA to the United Nations: “Tragic outcome of the Russian invasion”

What happened today is another “tragic consequence” of the Russian invasion Ukraine. The US Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations said, Robert A. Woodduring the emergency meeting of Security Council. Destroying the dam floods devastating effects on the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of Ukrainians along the river.” “I want to say clearly that there has been Russia To start this war and occupy this region Ukraine”, He emphasized, recalling that ” attacks studied on civilian materials ban it laws of war“.

Russia to the United Nations: “Destroying the dam is a criminal act”

Destroy the dam Kakhovka by order Kyiv It was an unimaginable crime that can be classified as a terrorist act.” This is the accusation made by the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenziaduring the urgent meeting of Security Council on Ukraine. “We have warned the international community and the United Nations leadership of this threat,” he stressed, stressing that the regime Kyiv Encouraged by Western allies, he decided to carry out his terrorist plan.

United States of America: “The dam burst, killing many”

In the dam bursting in Ukraine There may have been “multiple deaths”. This was stated by a spokesman for the US National Security Council John Kirby.

United States: “We cannot say definitively what happened at the dam”

“We’re trying to get more InformationWe cannot say definitively what happened to the dam,” said the National Security Council spokesperson John Kirbystressing that the United States is in contact with the Ukrainian authorities. Kirby “It is still too early to know the impact of the dam on field operations,” he added.

Moscow: “The world condemns Kiev for the criminal act against the dam”

there Russia Calls on the international community to “condemn verb criminal Ukrainian authorities “vs dam to Kakhovka. This came in a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported by the agency RIA Novosti.

Urgent meeting of the UN Council at 10 pm

the UN Security Council Will hold an urgent meeting on the situation at the hydroelectric power station Kakhovka After the destruction of the dam today at 16 22 local time Italian time. Confirms it inhandle a task United Arab Emirates at the United Nationsrotating head Security Council. The meeting has been requested by bothUkraine (supported by United State) from Russia.

Zelensky sees Zubi: “The meeting between states is positive, but the peace algorithm can only be ours”

“I request Holy See To contribute to the implementation of the Ukrainian peace plan. Ukraine welcomes the presence of others States And a partner To determine the paths leading to peace, but given that the war is on our territory, the algorithm for achieving peace can only be Ukrainian, ”the Ukrainian president wrote. Volodymyr Zelenskyafter meeting at Kyiv with the envoy to Ukraine Cardinal Pope Matthew ZubiHe recalled the ten-point Ukrainian peace plan, which calls for “the withdrawal of Russian forces, compensation and persecution of the Russian war leadership.” We discussed the situation in Ukraine and humanitarian cooperation within the framework of the Ukrainian peace formula. Single efforts subscriberAnd isolation diplomat and press on Russia They can influence the aggressor and establish a just peace on Ukrainian soil. Zelensky.

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Moscow: “A terrorist act by Kiev to stop our forces”

Kyiv commit” verb terrorismAttacking a dam Kakhovka And to cause flooding with the aim of “preventing the offensive operations of the Russian army” on the front Kherson. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Moscow, Sergey Shoiguaccusing the Ukrainians of increasing the discharge of water from an upstream dam, the Dnipro Dam, to make the floods. “This fact,” said Shoigu, “shows A sabotage On a large scale pre-planned by the system Kyiv“.

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