Do not empty, stuck until December and then I’ll see

Do not empty, stuck until December and then I’ll see

“In Naples, they got used to me well from the point of view of enthusiasm and joy, here it’s different. The staircase of memories is reopened, I find my young companions and the city has changed. There are even traffic lights…announce it Luciano Spalletti On the sidelines of the Certaldo nel Pallone event, in the small Tuscan town.

For the first time, the coach spoke freely after the Scudetto and bid farewell to Napoli. Pointing out that yes, he needs a break, but definitely not a year:gap year? You made it up and you bear it on yourself, I said I needed to catch my breath and things to fix. It takes a while, then I’ll see what’s going on in front of me and evaluate the things I need. I needed to sit still and learn from the other coaches. But I don’t like the concept of a sabbatical year, it’s not like you’ll know if I come back next year. Your needs change, and you are drawn to other things“.

Spalletti about the future and the national team

On the future:”You always need the passion of the game with the ball. It is not said that one is necessarily looking for exceptional things. I need excitement, I’m looking for feeling, beyond level. They have given me immense joy in Naples, for, despite the great thing we have done, no greatness is worth the joy they have given me. It is impossible to reciprocate the joy they have given me, I will always defend Napoli.”. then, Spalletti he added: “National? Don’t be mean, I’m definitely still up until the new year. Then you see how I feel, if you love something like you love Napoli, it’s hard. Fans hug me, I point to them“.

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