Red wine stimulates sexual activity. Even the elderly. Science says so

Red wine stimulates sexual activity.  Even the elderly.  Science says so

In the current debate about the effects of alcohol on health comes the same Italian study published in the prestigious medical journal Journal of Clinical Medicine which relates to consumption and sexual activity. In particular, the research of the University of Catania and the University of Catanzaro evaluated a series of studies between 1993 and 2022, and came to the conclusion that red wineWhen taken in moderate amounts, it can help patients with erectile dysfunction and also Stimulation of sexual desire In both men and women. In addition, the study also suggested that red wine can help increase testosterone and male fertility.

Wine and sex: Polyphenols get your blood flowing

The secret is in Polyphenols. “The antioxidant properties of the polyphenols found in red wine appear to be beneficial to the male reproductive systemreads the post.Which indicates a positive relationship between red wine consumption and blood testosterone levelsThose same polyphenols that have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease and even on certain types of cancer and which, thanks to their positive effect on the heart, can increase blood flow to other parts of the body, including the genitals.

For women, it increases libido

But it doesn’t end there. The effects on the female sex are also positive. Quoting from the literal search:Women who drank moderate red wine showed higher libido and lubrication scores with an overall improvement in sexual function than women who were casual drinkers or those who consumed less than one glass per day of any type of wine or other alcoholic beverage.More interestingly, drinking wine stimulates sexual desire regardless of age: Women who are older but moderate drinkers showed a greater tendency than women who are younger but have teeth. Be careful, because not all alcohol works. Beer, for example, It will not have the same effects as red wine.One final research side note:While alcohol consumption in low doses enhances sexual behavior and sexual desire, in higher doses it is detrimental to sexual activity.. Drink in moderation, therefore, also to have more sex.

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