Swimming, Federica Pellegrini’s last dance successful: first in the 200m sl

Under the eyes of father Roberto and mother Cinzia, Federica Pellegrini covered the last 200 meters of her career. The race that made her an eternity, Divina, finished successfully at the Winter Absolutes in Riccione with a time of 1’54’95 ahead of Rachele Ceracchi. After the “final” official, the blue was back in the pool with all the tough competitors he’s faced in his career (including Camellia Boutik, Sarah Sjostrom, Fimki Heemskerk, Sarah Isakovic, Evelyn Verasto) and wanted to honor Camille Moffat, who died in 2015 in an accident Leave a headset in front of the last lane. Faith has won everything: 58 international medals At least one gold medal in all events. Leave him as the record holder and world champion in charge of the 200sl. Great sanctuary in front of Connie’s boss, Giovanni Malaghi (who threw himself in the pool with her) and Alberto Tomba.

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Thanks Federica! The eternal legend of the world of swimming

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Pellegrini: “Before the race I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown”

11 hours ago

Federica Pellegrini’s words

“I hit my limit, before I jumped into the water I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In the presentation, I had to let the tears come back. For me it was very important to end up like this, to be close to my family but the surprises didn’t end” .

Rosolino’s words

“Faith is still going strong. Every heroine’s dream is to stay at the highest level and she’s doing it. What are you leaving? She won’t stop leaving.”

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Malagò words

“This final podium was supposed to take place in Eindhoven, because Covid didn’t work out, but Federica is happy to run her last race here in Riccione. Many friends and legends of the sport joined in. Emotions? There are two different types: one is the gratitude of the sporting director. Then there is the emotional component. and human. But it is not a sad moment. The added value he gave to swimming is Federica’s greatest legacy.”

Simona Cuadarella’s words

“Federica is an idol for everyone. She is unique. It will be interesting to see her last match. Growing up with her example was incredible. It would definitely be different if she wasn’t on the national team anymore. She would do well. It’s a blessing.”


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Thanks Federica! The eternal legend of the world of swimming

12 hours ago

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Federica Pellegrini: Emotions and Memories of a Legend

15 hours ago

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