I killed him shamelessly. The system is wrong.” – OA Sport

I killed him shamelessly.  The system is wrong.” – OA Sport

Nicola Bartolini finished 4th in the Free Body Specialties final. The World Champion He failed to win a medal on his instrument of choice at the 2022 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships. The bronze faded only 33 thousandths from the podium. Sardinia got Total score 14300 (5.9 degree D): The starting note was lower than that of the men who climbed onto the podium and his execution, usually flawless, was a bit dirty in the first part of the exercise. Israeli Artem Dolgopyat (14,966 for iFor the Tokyo Olympics 2020) in front of Hungarian very accurate Krisztofer Meszaros (14600, 6.0) and British to Jake Germain (14,433, made some mistakes but boasts a surplus D score of 6.3).

Nicola Bartolini expressed his feelings to Rai mics and they didn’t send them to say, Make controversy about the evaluation received To prove it:A relatively heavy race, it was day three of racing and I did what I could. I must congratulate those who were at the front, especially Dolgopyat, the Olympic champion. Our sport is a beautiful sport, but all the exercises are often not given the right value: I think I have done a better job than others, those who have ears to understand. It’s a wrong system, I don’t want to attack anyone, but it’s not the first case where someone is shamelessly killed. I will keep working and do better“.

Artistic gymnast Nicola Bartolini 33 ppt of European Bronze. The world champion takes fourth place in the free competition

However, Sardinian came home with the silver medal he won in the team competition around his neck: For the first time our national team climbed to the continental podium in a team event and the Free Body World Champion acted as a true leader, propelling the pentathlon towards a simply historic result. Our record holder focused on this aspect: “Since the World Cup ended last year, the goal has been to focus on the team. I carried the guys on my shoulder, tried to drag them to the right path and yesterday’s result was rewarded. Today I was not tired of yesterday’s efforts, the preparation was focused on the three days of competition, it is simply that everything is not always perfect“.

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LiveMedia Photos / Filippo Tommasi

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