His hip hurts but he wants to be in Roma

Fear of arrival Foro Italico Very crowded with days of hard preparation after the semi-final in Monte Carlo but also a certain greed for points (1000 points are available for a win in Madrid and without Djokovic: a very tempting prospect) and – it is not a crime – the dollars demanded from Yannick will foot the bill in the super season of 30 matches played since the beginning of the year (28 wins and 2 losses).

The decline in Spain turns on a warning light in the engine of the Italian No. 2 in the world: The problem of the right hip exists and extends from the emirate, and it is not serious but must be carefully monitored so that it does not recur or recur even if it becomes chronic. For information, contact Andy Al-Murr.Yes. Playing on it in tournaments didn't help: The discomfort I felt on the morning of the semi-final with Tsitsipas in Monte Carlo turned into inflammation. He showed up against Kotov, ignited by 2.10 minutes of wrestling with Khachanov. He won the Madrid round of 16 match in a comeback that Yannick could never achieve. I left, on The expense of not doing any good.

On Wednesday morning, he got up with pain in his hip, postponed training because of the match against Auger-Aliassime, and then raised the white flag: “I am stopping on the advice of doctors so as not to make things worse. I will run some tests to understand more». Echo, yesterday, as soon as he returned to his home in Monte Carlo, absolute rest until (at least) tomorrow, the promise to Vedertnis of traveling to Rome on Sunday, to start training again at the Foro Italico. Whether 96 hours of layoff (with travel) will be enough to bring Sinner back to the belief that he can be the man to beat him at the International Championships (immediately followed by Paris, Wimbledon and the Olympics, i.e. the heart of the season), that is to be seen.

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Tennis courts, as well as pits, are full of hindsight. The Madrid game, already on the calendar with a question mark next to it, was clearly not going to be played; We can't even say if Jannik is in perfect physical condition. Height changes the ball's bounce and speed, and in Rome he will find completely different conditions. But coach Vanyuzi thought it was a good idea to put the matches in red under the sole, as the reflection was on the team but Yannick always had the last word, because he wanted to go to Madrid. A rare (hopefully occasional) sin of lack of clarityA mistake to learn from: The idea of ​​being able to arrive at the Forum one step ahead of King Djokovic in the world rankings has prevailed over a healthy wait-and-see attitude.

The result is that regardless of Roma's departure, Joker will arrive at Roland Garros as No. 1, while Sinner will have to live with the idea of ​​his thigh injury for a while (just like Alcaraz with his forearm callus; Medvedev also retired yesterday). Because even if you manage the pain, the performance decreases, the head wanders: the forehand while running, slides sideways to the right, all the tennis (except the serve) of the athlete playing forward on the net is affected by the joint and this is not 100%. There is also the topic of physiological growth and work in the gym: Carrying the extra centimeters (he is now 1.93 meters tall) and the kilograms of muscle gained last year (at least 4) is not a given, changes must be metabolized at this age, and woe if imbalances are created at this very sensitive stage.

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Rome is waiting Yannick as a Messiah And she created a request service for him like the fifth Beatle. She's worried but trying to be optimistic, like all fans. The plan, before the loss to Madrid, was for Sinner to make his debut next Friday in the daytime, and dream of a rematch on Sunday evening, in prime time. At this point any request from the golden child will be fulfilled (starting with the debut on Saturday), knowing full well that additional distractions in tennis are not welcome. We expect the green light from Monte Carlo: the only thing that is certain today is that the Sinner team will do everything in their power to put Yannick in a position to face Roma as a great champion. It requires patience (by all mean of the word).

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