Diana Morant and Carlos Mazzone, between the mixed defense and the zoo party

Diana Morant and Carlos Mazzone, between the mixed defense and the zoo party

Basketball coaches who aim to undo the best player on the opposing team tend to practice this Mixed defense. Four of the team's five players defend in an organized manner in the penalty area, while the man responsible for marking the opposing team's star subject him to marking. Extreme alertnessFrom here to there.

Minister Diana Morant, who will be appointed Secretary General of the Socialist People's Party-Socialist Workers' Party at the extraordinary conference to be held in Benicassim from March 22 to 24, chose to tag the man even before going out to court. Ferraz had not yet blocked the socialist primaries Carlos Mazzone He was already used to having her by his side. It would be necessary to go back in time Bill Russellthe legendary player Boston Celtics In the 1950s and 1960s, to find a defensive position as difficult as Morant's.

The days following the fateful fire rings They were the demonstration. Morant was present in Valencia as Interior Minister leading operations from the scene of the tragedy. The science and innovation portfolio and universities were not relevant, but his was Another soul To the leader of the opposition in the chest, Yes. Therefore, under first responsibility, he made several statements in his capacity as a representative of the Spanish Government.

During one of the demonstrations in the streets, the Speaker of the Council ended his intervention and made way “Government delegate”. However, this was not the case Pilar BernabeWho was on the edge, who addressed the journalists, but the scientific minister who appeared among the entourage as quickly as oil floats on water. Mazzone's surprise when he saw her again on his right was very eloquent.

When Mazon least expects it, she suddenly intervenes and takes center stage in any business or event

The Valencian president is getting used to living with Morant's shadow behind him. “When you think you see me going through the wall, I do Chas And I appear beside you.”Sing Alex and Christina At the end of the eighties. Indeed, when Mazon least expects it, she suddenly intervenes and shares the spotlight with him in any action or event. But what is certain is that the agenda – in Madrid and the rest of the state – will be determined by Morant, and in what way.

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“You wanna catch me, you poor thing, you can't catch me,” the duo sang in a song that is as silly as it is commanding. Who knows if he would not have sung it, in the privacy of his home, the president of the state being the most Cantarian of the Valencians. Because Mazzone realizes that tagging Morant's man will, sooner or later, create gaps – advances in research and creativity do not currently allow the presence of man everywhere – and exciting contradictions. Their own who must always justify their decisions Pedro Sanchez, no matter how harmful it is or how harmful it is to the people of Valencia. And there will be Mazzone, ball in his hands, ready to score a hat-trick.

Carlos Mazzone and Diana Morant, this Friday on the balcony of Valencia City Hall, after the first Valles concert. / Europe Press

This Friday, at an informative breakfast I organized Walking chainThe minister and potential presidential candidate congratulated herself on a public opinion poll that showed that 49.4% of citizens approved – to a greater or lesser extent – of the work of the Mazzone government. “I like numbers and 49.4% is less than 50%.”Argue before doubting Bernardo GuzmanThe station manager mentioned that in fact, Only 36.2% of Valencians are suspending the work of the new council. “The poll also indicates that 57% of people do not consider Mr. Mazzone prepared enough to rule the Valencian Community,” added this telecommunications engineer, from memory, eager to stand up to him.

Morant still needs to improve his message. It is general and predictable. Against SER considered “Boet” The Mazon project that he is accused of “make cuts”, without specifying which one. He regrets that the President of Valencia, “Contingent on your partner”,Fox, “Instead of ruling, he devoted himself to opposing the government of Spain.”She warned that, as mayor of Gandía, she already had the support of “people who previously voted for the PP and Kompromes”.

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Diana Morant, interviewed by Bernardo Guzman on Friday, on SER's Radio Valencia. / Europe Press

However, unlike the discussions Robotics Who starred in the 23J campaign, Morant is showing more and more nature. He will gain more as he learns more about the challenges facing the Valencian state, as Mazzone has done from 2021, after being appointed president of the Valencian People's Party. He had to get up a trip Governorate with a presidency Province of AlicanteThis made things easier for him compared to the obstacles of running the ministry.

In contrast to his “robot” debates in the 23J campaign, Morant shows more and more naturalness, and he will gain more as he gets to know the challenges of the Valencian country more comprehensively.

Physical and speech disabilities. If Mazzone has already criticized Puig's coldness in front of Sanchez, what won't he say now? Morant is straight up Sanchez. Postponement condition Reform of regional finance and state investment – planned and real – will be where he will test what his rival will be at the ballot box, barring a drop-down list. In fact, you should be very attentive to the ups and downs. The Spanish legislature prides itself on unparalleled unrest. In the SER report, Morant herself criticized the sticks in the wheels that the PP, thanks to the majority of senators, places in the first procedures for preparing public accounts.

Not only that. Both possible derivatives of Cup coldo “I only spoke five or six times with Abalos,” the minister confirmed in the interview-com Catalan election results Next year – and if parliamentary engineering leaps into the air, which is so risky? These are external factors that cannot be controlled and may cause him to lose his position as minister.

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It is precisely the ministerial aura that gave the Progressive Socialist Party a remarkable rise, to the point where it was able to withdraw other candidates from the primaries, and that allowed him to closely monitor Mazzone. However, he is the highest representative of the state in the Valencian country Protocol requires that the minister be at his side.

On February 14 and 15, Morant attended the two business meetings that Carlos Mazzone was scheduled to hold in Madrid.

The legislative cycle is long and many things can happen, but the feeling is that the relationship will continue over time and that they should find some time of detente. For example, a farewell party Zoowhich would be a GandiaMorant City next month July.

for them Waltz 2023Mazón ja ballà to the double concert performed by the group stomach I The fumiga They offered it to him Alperida From Valencia loves his music. What if he and Diana Morant jumped together to the sound of “Toboggan”? Not even graffiti nickname I Honecker On the Berlin Wall would be very creative.

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