Today's top news in Sabadell

Today's top news in Sabadell

We start a new week with our eyes on different fronts. One of them is the SportsCenter situation, which is closer to the target after its win last weekend.

Three gold points. In the last match of the first round, Sabadell achieved its first away win of the season at the Costa Brava de Palamos Municipal Stadium to move closer to survival, with 4 points now. The goal of newcomer Abdi Damar settled the match in the second half and he knew how to manage his advantage against Cornella, who was fully involved in the fight.

Sabadell's blow for Palamos to move closer to survival (0-1)

Sabadell once again records pollution levels not recommended for health in 2023. The Gran Via air pollution station, located at the top of the Prats de Lluçanès road, has detected levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10) above world level. Limits of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Graphics | Pollution in Sabadell, above some Barcelona neighborhoods

Sabadell will be able to limit rental prices from February. This measure will enter into force thanks to an agreement between the Catalan and Spanish governments, as a result of negotiations between the Minister of the Region, Esther Capella, and the Minister of Housing, Isabel Rodriguez. Therefore, the ceiling will be determined based on a reference price index that will affect both landlords and tenants. The new law will allow for price regulation and is expected to benefit thousands of people across the country. In Sabadell, the program will also reach hundreds of families and youth.

Rent regulation: “A little help, but the problem with salaries continues”

The arrival of 2024 has brought news to the Saballuts. One of them is the renewal of its gang leader, who as of Sunday is Juan Carles Sánchez, who was elected after the regular assembly of castle workers. So the person who was mayor of Sabadell between 2013 and 2015 faces another challenge within the organization. Which is that, previously, he was actually a former president of it.

Juan Carles Sánchez became the new leader of the Saballuts gang

Is Sabadell the smartest city in Catalonia? That's the question Giuliana Canet and Roger Karandel asked themselves in a video posted on Instagram. In these discussions, the two influencers discuss the Catalan municipalities with the most talent and intellect, among which Sabadell stands out.

Is Sabadell the smartest city in Catalonia?

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