Derna overwhelmed by Hurricane Daniel –

Derna overwhelmed by Hurricane Daniel –

there eastern Libya He was Hit by Hurricane Daniel. The violent storm caused the collapse of two dams, flooding the city of Derna. They fear each other At least two thousand deadAs announced by Osama Hamad, Prime Minister of the unilaterally declared government of eastern Libya, it was reported by the Libyan media and Al-Jazeera channel.

According to Hamad Thousands of people are missing. Derna was almost completely submerged, and videos circulating online showed entire apartment buildings destroyed along the river that descends from the mountains and passes through the city centre.

The multi-storey buildings, which were far from the river, partially collapsed into the mud. In Derna, 900km east of Tripoli, hundreds of residents remain trapped in hard-to-reach areas while rescue teams, backed by the army, try to help them.

Hisham Abu Shekiwat, Minister of Air Transport and a member of the Crisis Committee in the Benghazi government, requests assistance from Italy: “We hope to get urgent help from all friendly countries, especially from Italy In search and rescue operations and everything that would alleviate the suffering of the residents of the city of Derna.”

“The eastern region of Libya faced an unprecedented hurricane, which caused damage to several cities, such as Al-Bayda and Al-Marj, but What happened in the city of Derna represents a humanitarian catastrophe Abu Shekiwat continued: “In all respects, because it caused the collapse of dams and buildings, and people were submerged in their sleep.”

to’The east of the country hosts major oil fields and terminals. The National Oil Corporation declared a “state of high alert” and “suspended flights” between production sites as activity dropped dramatically.

Storm Daniel, which experts described as “severe in terms of the amount of water falling”, had already battered Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.

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