The United States agreed to provide $61 billion in aid to Ukraine

The US Congress has finally agreed to Aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces Which has been frozen so far at a value of 60,800 million dollars, or about 57,000 million euros. It is a decision of great importance at a time when the Ukrainian army urgently needs weapons and ammunition to confront the Russian attack, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reiterated, to counter the Russian advance on the front.

Members of Congress agreed An aid package that includes, in addition to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, with a total of $95 billion. In the case of Israel, it allocated $26,400 million, twice the planned amount, and the rest to Taiwan, in order to deal with any possible attack by the Chinese communist regime.

Ukrainian flags outside the Capitol building during the approval of the aid package (Reuters/Ken Cedeno)

This was the package Banned for several months By the far right Republicans. The tear-jerking reason for approving this long-awaited, multi-million dollar aid is the separation between them, Dividing them into four votes, He made everyone comfortable and avoided the “all or nothing” that disrupted the vote.

The Senate is scheduled to pass it next week and beyond It must be signed by President Joe Bidenwho actually advocated the measure.

The proposal, put forward by House Speaker Mike Johnson, has moved forward. International aid was supported by all Democratic representatives, while there was division among Republicans. In total, they were 311 votes in favor and 112 against. Some members of Congress displayed Ukrainian flags amid shouts of support.

Regarding Aid package for IsraelIt comes after clashes between the Iranians and the Israelis and in a full conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In this case, he received 366 votes in favor and 58 votes against.

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More than 12,000 million euros are allocated to this item Strengthening the Israeli missile shieldIt's called Iron Dome, which was very effective in countering the Iranian missile and drone attack a week ago. More than $8 billion goes to humanitarian aid in Gaza and other vulnerable populations around the world.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has already thanked the United States for the approved aid (Reuters/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service)

Apart from this, the House has also approved legal provisions that can do so Banning the use of the Chinese platform TikTok In the United States, new sanctions against China, Russia and Iran, as well as the sale of confiscated Russian financial assets to invest the proceeds in new aid to the armed forces in Kiev.

Thanks Zelensky

The Ukrainian president expressed his “gratitude” that the US Congress approved a “vital” aid package, which, according to Zelensky, It will prevent the war from “continuing to expand”At the same time, “it will save thousands and thousands of lives and help the two countries become stronger,” he posted.

He thanked the Republican and Democratic parties, and also thanked “personally” Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson.

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