Grave in Sant Julia with the victory of Desperta Loredia and Cerni Ca

Grave in Sant Julia with the victory of Desperta Loredia and Cerni Ca

St Julia’s was one of the parishes that voted for the change. With 53.26% of voter support, Despierta Loredia has become the force that will manage common matters over the next four years. They say they will rely on the opinion of the opposition, which is the majority so far.

Obviously, tears, hugs, digging, and crying release the nerves present throughout the examination process. With the 53.26% Subordinate suffrage, Loridia woke up Take them Common areas.

“We did not expect such a great result. We face it with great enthusiasm and are fully aware that there are many problems in the parish and in Andorra that require a lot of commitment.”
Sirni Kirat, No. 1 Awake, Lordia

The result was not what Kirat expected, but it was not Mayoral Who had to encourage candidates and supporters who were not particularly happy. There is only one thing left for the Lordiana Union coalition: Think about the minority. Mayoral has already made it clear that he will cooperate in whatever is necessary.

“We will be here, cooperating with what we can, contributing what we can for Sant Julia. If the citizen leads us to oppose, we will oppose.”
Josep Majoral, No. 1 UL+DA+Action+I

third parties otherwise, By Saint JuliaWhat It did not exceed 150 votes. Silence, and even the taller faces and Anthony Miralles who accepted it with resignation.

“Saint Giulia has decided on another alternative. We congratulate the winning list and hope that Sant Giulia wins, which is what is most important.”
Anthony Miralles, No. 1

Smiles and tears that end with a change in trading cards. Despierta Loredia will lead the combined team with Nine advisors And the coalition d“Lordian Union.” Will doopposition With three

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Reports: Oscar Serrano – Judith Saez – Pierre Molini
Photos: Andre Cristancho – Roger Torruela – Fernando Montero

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