Top 10 Hotel Groups: The podium is ‘divided’ between the United States and China

Top 10 Hotel Groups: The podium is ‘divided’ between the United States and China

More than 8 million rooms, distributed over about 74 thousand buildings. They are numbers The top ten hotel groups in the worldHe placed a magnifying glass on it Hotels Magazine, which each year produces a publication that takes into account 200 hospitality companies. The top ten players, which we read in the study, From 2021 to 2022, more than 2,500 hotels were opened It included approximately 150,000 rooms in the portfolio.

budget Hotel MagazineIn terms of the rooms, this says: Leadership remains Marriott International, the American giant will have 1,491,191 beds in 2022; They follow the Chinese Jin Jiang (1,266,976) and the other is American Hilton (1,127,430).

Then it comes in fourth place Ihg Hotels & Resortswith 911,627 rooms; still Windham (842,510), H International Group Limited (809.478), the only European in the top ten Accor (802 thousand), option (627,804), BTG Hotels (343.200) e body weight (304,108).

Instead we look at the number of structures, and the first place in the ranking they place Hotels Magazine he takes it Jin Jiang With 12,359 buildings. Second place for Windham (9.059) Third h world (8,543) Fourth Marriott (8.082), v option (7,487) Sixth Hilton (7.165), week IHG (6.164), an octave ptg (5,983) ninth Accor (5400) and tithes body weight (3,923).

Climbing Spain

Among the 200 largest hotel companies in the world, four Spanish companies stand out: Melia, Barcelo, Rio E EurostarsThe number of hotels and rooms is 90,916 and 347, respectively. 61996 and 277; 49.444 and 96; 23,617 and 240.

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