Anti-Catalan player Jose Ramon Bauza has ended his European career with a warning

Anti-Catalan player Jose Ramon Bauza has ended his European career with a warning

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the President of the European Parliament Roberta MizzolaIt was announced on Wednesday of this week that the House of Representatives had imposed one Rebuke of the member of the European Parliament from the Balearic Islands for the inhabitants of Ciudadans, José Ramón Bauza Due to a case of psychological harassment of a parliamentary advisor, he reported it to the institution.

The accusation dates back to the summer of 2022, when an assistant filed a complaint with the prosecution Code of Conduct Advisory Committee From the European Parliament as much as possible Psychological harassment. At that time it did not exceed. Yes, it became known in April last year when the Presidency of the Continental Parliament announced the opening of an official investigation against Bauza. The exact nature of psychological harassment is not yet known because in these cases it is not reported in detail. The same thing happened withPSOE MEP Monica Silvana, He was also denounced for similar reasons and was finally fined €10,000 and suspended for one month.

In Bauza's case, the punishment is lighter than that of the socialist mentioned above. theReprimand does not mean stopping salary and work Nor any type of fines that are paid through loss of allowances. The reduced sentence meant that Bauza did not appeal the sentence, so the incident was over.

And soon, too, Bauza will have to give up He ended his political career Which he started in 2009. At that time and since then he has been running away from it James Matas In 2007 before Balearic PP He was living in the midst of an internal war between various sectors. Who served as Chairman of the Conservative Party in the Islands, Rosa will beShe did not want to continue in office and, in fact, secured a place in the European nomination for the People's Party in 2009. Before her departure, she and her direct collaborators searched for a potential replacement who was not known and, therefore, was not involved in any corruption case that affected many names in the party. .

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After there was talk of different possible presidents of the Balearic People's Party, Estaras and other leaders imposed a decision until then Amen: José Ramón Bauza, Battle of Maratxe. A year later, at the Balearic Party Congress in 2010, he was elected to the Balearic Party Carlos Delgado, from the critical and angry anti-Catalan sector.

for them Parliamentary elections 2011 Bauza presented himself with the support of Regional sector From the People's Party, which helped him win the party conference. But immediately after the election, after Bauza was sworn in as president, he struck a deal with Delgado and turned his presidential term into what it is known as: a series of Anti-Catalan measures This sparked, in response, the largest demonstration ever witnessed in the Balearic Islands.

Bauza suddenly lost power, in 2015, and had to face A Internal rebellion. the lion against him which led to his removal from the organic presidency and subsequently made him leave the People's Party in January 2019. However, he tried to keep a certain political presence alive through a platform he created that had few resources.

to Fox Doors were opened for him if he wanted to join the far-right project, but he refused when he received a much better offer: Albert Rivera I offered him fifth place in the nomination Citizens in the European Parliament. He accepted it and was elected.

For now, all things indicate that Bauza will be out of the political game when his parliamentary term ends.

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