Forza Motorsport: New images show the graphical developments of the Xbox game

Forza Motorsport: New images show the graphical developments of the Xbox game

Forza Motorsport He is the protagonist, in these hours, of the various previews and rehearsals published by many sites in the sector, accompanied by a handful of new pictures Which proves Graphical developments Applied to the game from Turn 10.

Although it is now difficult to see the generation leap at first glance in this type of title, which has always been at the forefront of graphical techniques adopted, there are still noticeable steps forward to be noticed even starting from these screenshots.

In particular, ray tracing and a greater level of detail in general are found to be implemented.

It’s also true that in most cases, the screenshots chosen for driving games come from replays or shooting modes, so it’s not necessarily an indicator of the quality of the graphics during the driving stages, but it’s still a nice sight.

Moreover, as we’ve seen in the last hours, Forza Motorsport is supposed to come out on the Xbox Series Ray tracing “On Track”, which seems to mean during standard gameplay, albeit in different forms depending on the chosen mode.

For the rest, as also shown in our testing in the first hours of Forza Motorsport, the main tangible developments in the new chapter are probably related to less flashy but certainly important things for gameplay purposes such as artificial intelligence and physics simulation.

We remind you that Forza Motorsport will be available from October 10, 2023 On PC and Xbox Series

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