Dengue fever kills 130 people in Argentina

Dengue fever kills 130 people in Argentina

Argentines are in a state of panic not only because of the effects of economics and politics. Another panicle has a scientific name: Aedes aegypti. It is about mosquitoes flying over cities in the middle of southern autumn and as one of the consequences of climate change. Its fluttering is endemic: about 180,000 cases of dengue (400 serious), 130 deaths, and a clear lack of public policies on the part of the far-right government to deal with the epidemic. Deaths from dengue fever of this magnitude were not known in Argentina. It was assumed that the problem lay in its neighbors Brazil, especially Paraguay.

President Javier Miley describes the role of the state, viewing it as a “collective” burden that prevents virtuous self-regulation of the market. His belief was put into practice. Mosquito repellent prices rose by 400%. Demand has increased by 300% and some online deals are very expensive – you have to pay up to $20. The fear of Diptran sutures penetrating the skin is what signals the proliferation of these products that are no longer available in supermarkets, warehouses or pharmacies. The shortage is exacerbated by the indifference of the Minister of Commerce, a body that has ceased to function.

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