Ginestà premieres the new album at the Strenes Festival in Girona

Ginestà premieres the new album at the Strenes Festival in Girona

the group Genesta She presented the fourth album “Vida Meva” in one album Friday night concert at the Municipal Theater in Gironawithin limits Stranz Festival. This is the first time they have performed the new tour songs live, having made some progress on them Androck Awards A month ago

the Germans Cerassolsas They were released a new album Filled with electronic beats that brought a new sound to their live shows. The duo announced that on this tour they wanted to energize the audience from the first moment and make them dance throughout the concert, a format more difficult to achieve with the themes of previous albums in which guitar and piano took the lead in most of the songs. Weight of music.

The concert began with “Adéu”, the song that represents the pre- and post-career phases and in which he talks about a breakup. But from the first moment the group showed its new sound, with a noticeable presence of electronic sounds and more percussion that made more than one person and two people get up from their seats. Julia Cerasolsas stated that they wanted to convey the “empowerment” of the second half of the album with more electronic beats.

“Another step” in Genista’s career

His brother, Pau Cerrasolsas, noted that with this album they took “another step” in presenting electronic beats compared to the previous album. The reason is that they want to “adapt” to the larger format arenas in which they now perform and thus seek to give “more energy and power” to the music, while keeping the essence in the original lyrics.

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On more than one occasion, the brothers encouraged people to dance. They felt shy, and their enthusiasm increased. What they did from the beginning was sing songs: new and old.

The new electronic rhythms were also noted in other older songs that the group included in this tour's repertoire. Pau Serrasolsas claims that they “mirrored” the songs to adapt them to the band's new sound, although some were kept as they were in order to “preserve the essence.” The band members confirm that the new musical atmosphere will hold “many surprises” for the band’s followers and encourage them to discover it directly.

But the most emotional moment was when they performed the song “Mama.” At this moment, the Cerrassolsas brothers bring their mother on stage to dedicate this very tender song that they published before the release of the last album. This is a collaboration with Mayo, twin sister of Julia Cerrasolsas.

Genista closed the presentation of the new album with two of the songs that brought them to fame: “Ulls d'avellana” and “L'Eva i la Jana”. Finally, with “La mevasort”, one of the most poignant songs that concludes the “Vida Meva” album, Ginestà bid farewell to the Girona stage, putting an end to the concert.

The twelfth edition of the Stranz Festival

With the Ginesta concert, the Strinis Festival began programming its 12th edition on Friday. He did so during the weekend that singer-songwriter Raoul gave a concert at the Mirona Hall in Salt (Girones).

In addition, the competition incorporated a new stage in Girona's Independencia Square with free performances. Paula Valls and Pilot i Billat passed by on Friday. On Saturday, Roger Badrós, Maria Heine and Jules will perform there.

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