Award-winning researcher in Japan

Award-winning researcher in Japan

The highest award for outstanding achievement in the field of plasma science and its applications has been given to prof. Pietro Favia is Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Bari Aldo Moro University. The researcher working in close collaboration with scientists from the Barry Department of the Cnr Nanotec Institute received the “IsPlasma Award 2023” from the Organizing Committee of the 15th IsPlasma / Ic-Plants Conference (a tribute dedicated to the memory of Prof. Riccardo D. Agostino, Emeritus of Barry University and a world-renowned plasma chemist) .

The global symposium held in Nagoya, Japan, brings together nearly 500 scientists and engineers from around the world each year who are experts in plasma science and technology, and their applications in advanced and strategic sectors, from nanotechnology to semiconductors, from life sciences to the environment, from energy to outer space.

The objective of the conference is to discuss the latest research in advanced plasma science, its applications in the processing and production of semiconductors and nitride nanomaterials, as well as new technology transfer ecosystems. In other words, it is about addressing issues such as global warming and resource and energy problems, to which advanced plasma science and its application technologies can make a significant contribution. In particular, biosensing techniques (detection of target molecules based on principles used by a living system such as the immune system) were highlighted in this symposium, given their growing importance in the health, agro-food and environment sectors. But the Symposium also annually represents an ideal opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information, which also supports the initiation or further development of international cooperation between those working in these interdisciplinary fields.

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The 2023 edition awarded the award to prof. Favia (H-Index 53) for both his research on applications of non-equilibrium plasma in biomedicine, in particular in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering, and in the very recent sectors of plasma medicine and plasma cultivation, but also for the scientific contribution that has consistently led to the international conference over the years years. Among his particularly influential papers are “Plasma Roadmap 2017: Low Temperature Plasma Science and Technology”, a monograph on “Plasma Treatments and Plasma Deposition of Polymers for Biomedical Applications”, an overview of “Plasma Processing at Low Temperatures of Materials” and a paper on “Acid Surfaces”. Plasma-deposited acrylics for cell culture applications.

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