Gramelini Café | Gentle comet

Gramelini Café |  Gentle comet

No man is as great as his waiter, it was said when great men still existed and waitering was a well-paying job.

To paraphrase, no tennis champion is a great man to a ball boy. One of them, an American boy catching balls at the Indian Wells tournament three years ago, spoke on social media about the racket phenomenon seen up close and under pressure. The result is delicious rankings: Zverev tops the list of rude people and Djokovic the list of good people only when they win. The short list of nice people in good times and bad includes Our Sinners and Berrettini, and surprisingly, among Italian exports there are two so far removed from the stereotype that paints us as arrogant with the humble and submissive with the powerful.

Sinner, in particular, is very popular among ball boys around the world since he held an umbrella to the representative of this class during a storm, asking her if she plays tennis and how her job works. Taking an interest in what others say and do, or at least giving an impression of it: this is natural for a sinner, but I imagine that, like everything else, it is also the result of hard training. Having given up all hope of imitating his truth, I should be glad to know his goodness. What a revolution it would be if, starting tomorrow, we turned to others and said, “Peace be upon you, how are you?” Instead of “Hi, how am I?” .

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