Dear Energy, how did the 9 euro ticket in Germany go: 1 in 5 Germans exchanged the car for the train – the pros and cons of this procedure

Dear Energy, how did the 9 euro ticket in Germany go: 1 in 5 Germans exchanged the car for the train – the pros and cons of this procedure

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz It was called “One of the best ideas We’ve had it.” For three months Germany Experienced 9- Euro ticketa monthly ticket of 9 euros to be able to travel on networks Public transport regional and local. Scale designed to help German families To face energy crisis And the economic caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while its goal Stimulate Use trains And the bus instead of the car. With the end of August, the three-month trial is over: Now the government is wondering How Continue in this direction. On the one hand there costs From the initiative – about 3.7 billion of them 2.5 From the federal coffers – and the gaps appeared in Infrastructure German, which you will need more Investments. On the other hand, however, there is data Showing the effect of the measure on the habits of Germans: the German Carriers Association (VDV) announced that it only sold out in June 21 million tickets. While scanning YouGov conducted for the agency dpa Show it One in five Germans (18%) said they did It has been completely replaced your car with local public transport.

scan – 9 euro ticket expires Next Wednesday, August 31. A radical return to normal: since June, in fact, passengers have been able to use all domestic transport in Germany for one month for nine euros. The measure was part of a file aid package approved by the German government to counteract the sharp rise in energy prices, helping to reduce their use cars Specialgiven the cost of Gas. According to a YouGov poll, about 31% of adults who claimed to have used Often The promotional ticket on the ways they would have gotten it otherwise by car. Another 18% said they had replaced the car with buses or trains. else 22% Use the discount ticket only rarely On the roads he was going to travel by car. However, this is not clear Long term effect of the public transport campaign. about 18% YouGov respondents told that they wanted to use buses and trains Often in the futurebut the 22% He does not plan to do so. The majority – the 55% – only wish to do so if the ticket is with an extension Similar price It will be available again.

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Advantages – This is what the Federation of German Transport Companies has reported 21 million tickets It was sold in June and 17 million in July. There are also Ten million From subscribers who paid only nine euros per month instead of the regular price. accountsFederal Statistical Office It showed that in the early days after submitting a 9 euro ticket, in June, there was until to me 56% more From train travel Compared to 2019, the last year in the pre-pandemic period. And the frequency of use, calculated on cell phone data, did not decrease July Nor in the first three weeks of August. Moreover, the 9- Euro ticket achieve the goal of beingtruly benefit“Especially for poor families: That’s what he claims Ulrich SchneiderDirector general Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (An association that fights for equal welfare). Many have been able to “do trip to the sea or in mountain to First time After a long period ” Zdf. “It was trips related to basic needs of human existence. Namely, mobility and Contacts social“Added Schneider.

criticism – A study by the German Aerospace Center (DLRIn fact, how did people take advantage of the new opportunity above all? hiking travelespecially on weekends (file 60%), while only a small portion (18%) decided to use a 9 euro ticket to go to work. There is a trend that the YouGov survey also confirmed: half of the interviewees stated that they mainly used the monthly ticket. private travelWhile Just under a quarter I mainly use it to go to the office. Relatively low use of a 9 euro ticket by Passengers It is one of the arguments used by those in Germany who believe that the procedure does not lead to a concrete advantage. But the real critical issues are twofold. First of all, the cost From the measure: transportation is a responsibility TerritoriesHowever, its coffers have already been squeezed over the past two years by the pandemic. Success in terms of sales alone is not enough, investment is still stressful: a little less 4 billion Just three months. In addition, the high demand for trains and buses has led to the emergence of another problem: condition Infrastructure German. Caravans must be many Renewednot to mention mean on an eraser Which will need to be replaced with vehicles less impact From an environmental point of view. Moreover, like other sectors of its economy, Germany also struggles with conscription new employees for railways.

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Initiatives – For these reasons, the federal government has taken some time to consider how to do it Suggest again Measure, perhaps starting from early 2023. Controlled price is evaluated but is above €9: i vegetables suggest 29 euros per month For regional transfers and 49 for national transfers, while the Liberals Fdp would like to stop at 69 Euro per month to move inside the earth. In the middle, Chancellor Schulze and his comrades Spd, which leads to measurement. Especially at the local level: Francesca cadaverousPresident Berlinhad already suggested to allies – Verdi and Link – one extension Discounted ticket up to Dec At least in the capital. The price has not yet been discussed, the goal is to help families less affluent To move around the city in an economical way. as well as for Hamburga land run by the Social Democrats in alliance with the Greens, the logic revolves around the possibility of extending the €9 ticket: to do this, however, you need to contributions the central state. And at the same time today in the same Hamburg And in other cities in Germany, such as MainzHundreds of citizens organized a first demonstration in support of extending the measure:9- Euro-Waterfahren Ticket“It is the motto that brought us together Friday for the futureand environmental associations such as green area and the youth organizations By Verdi, Spd and Linke.

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