6 upcoming games from Humble Games – Nerd4.life

6 upcoming games from Humble Games – Nerd4.life

Through the pages of Xbox Wire, Microsoft introduced a new 6 games from Humble Games Coming in the catalog Xbox Game Pass, seven if we also add the Midnigh Fighe Express, which was introduced last August 23. The lineup was presented with a trailer that you can view below.

Here are the Humble Games coming to Xbox Game Pass in the coming months:

  • Midnight Fight Express – PC, Console & Cloud – Available Now
  • Moonscars – PC, Console, and Cloud – September 27
  • Marjan Island – Computer – October 11
  • Ghost Song – Computer, Console & Cloud – November 3
  • Signalis – PC, Console and Cloud – October 27
  • Infinite Guitars – PC, Console & Cloud – 2022
  • Prodeus – PC, Console, and Cloud – 2022 (already available for PC Game Pass as a game preview)

In fact, the arrival of many of the above titles on Game Pass was already known, but the review never hurts.

Midnight Fight Express is an action fighting game with a stunning combat system, but it was undermined by problematic game design choices, as noted in our review. Moonscars (fix us here) is a mixture of platforming, combat, and non-linear exploration in dark and gloomy tones. Completely changed genre, Coral Island is a new 3D farming simulation very reminiscent of Stardew Valley.

Ghost Song is a 2D sci-fi adventure with horror tints and elements from Meroidvania where we will explore a decidedly inhospitable alien planet. Infinite Guitars is a strange mix between RPG and Rhythm Game where we will defeat enemies to the sound of rock music. Finally, Prodeus is touted as an old-school shooter-inspired game, reimagined using modern rendering technologies.

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