New US Ceramax Factory “We’ll Invest 200 Million”

New US Ceramax Factory “We’ll Invest 200 Million”

President Massimo Baffin: “Third unit in the United States. Ready to triple production capacity to serve Mexico as well.”

Sirmax, Racer’s Edge 2022 Prize, is pooling for the redevelopment of a former General Motors area in Indiana, USA, and is preparing a development plan for its on-site industrial complex with a ten-year scope for an estimated total investment of approximately €200 million. Paduan Multinational Plastic Composite for Automotive, Electronics, ICT and Consumer Sector was established back in 2015 in the United States following a multi-product and multi-country development strategy, which drives it to install its factories all over the world along with its major global clients. In this spirit, Sirmax built its first production plant in the United States in 2015.

The first plant followed second in 2020 and is now considering setting up a third plant by 2025. Between the first plant to produce composites from virgin plastics and the second, which instead produces plastics from recycled raw materials, Srimax’s investment in the United States is about sixty million . By 2025, with the establishment of the third plant, the Padua-based company aims to cover a third production area, this time dedicated to more advanced technical polymers. “We are currently exporting a few thousand tons of technical polymers produced in our plants and destined for the American industry to the United States from Europe,” explains Massimo Baffin, President of Sirmax.

“When we reach 4-5 thousand tons per year, building a dedicated plant on an area of ​​about 12 thousand square meters will begin to make economic sense. I believe that by 2025 we will be ready for this project and for a new phase of development of the other two sites, bringing the total production area of ​​the first site from 13,000 to approximately 37,000 square meters; The second from the current 11,000 square meters to 27,000 square meters.

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However, this project has a duration of ten years and offers the possibility of tripling the current production capacity which can generally cost around 200 million euros. In India we want to develop one large plant capable of serving the entire American and Mexican markets.”

When they entered the US market with the idea of ​​building a production site on site, Pavin says, “we were thrilled by the project that the state of Indiana and the city of Anderson had undertaken to redevelop those vast areas, near Indianapolis that had, since 1927, been home to some of the major General Motors plants.”

We received $3 million in grants for the first plant and $1.5 million for the second plant and all possible facilities, including building a railroad junction serving our plant that allows our products to travel the length of most of the United States (from Houston to Cicago) at competitive costs.”

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