Cristina Scoccia gives up everything: “A radical decision” | It happened a few hours ago

Cristina Scoccia gives up everything: “A radical decision” |  It happened a few hours ago
Cristina Scoccia Travel (Instagram) –

Former sister Christina surprises everyone with her decision: she is ready to leave everything and leave, let’s find out why.

Many will remember Christina Scoccia In turn Sister Christina Which he won in 2014 Voice of ItalyLed by rapper J-Ax. Since then many things have changed in women’s lives. First, she stripped off her nun clothes to dress up as a singer and TV personality.

In 2023, he participated as a contestant in Famous Island, sixth place. Here she proved that she is a warrior, a fighter ready for any challenge. It must not have been easy for Scuccia to somehow introduce herself into the world of Italian show business and then transform into something completely different. Despite this, Christina is still Christina, with or without the hijab, and her fans love her regardless.

Recently, he also decided to cut it to update his look. She published a post on her personal Instagram page attesting to her transformation from a brunette with very long hair, to a brunette with super long hair. Long bob. There was no shortage of comments from users who showered him with praise. But her hair style isn’t the only thing Christina decided to change. It seems he decided so Give up everything. Let’s find out why he took this An unexpected decision.

Cristina Scoccia and changing her direction

According to some rumors circulating on the Internet, Cristina Scoccia was supposed to be one of the contestants in the new season of the series. Show such and suchprogram Opinion 1 Which he conducted Carlo Conte. But the cast was recently announced and it seems his name does not appear on the list. The reason for his exclusion, according to what the host reported, was the conditions imposed by the former nun, which made it impossible to accept the production.

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Apparently, Christina wanted to control the choice of singers they imitated and the clothes they wore on stage. But it is clear that if the authors had accepted these terms for her, they would have done so for anyone. So, I took Christina”A radical decision“, as someone writes on the Internet and abandons participation in Show such and such. However, it is clear that she would already be ready to start one A new adventure. Let’s see what it’s about.

Christina Scoccia
Cristina Scoccia (Instagram) –

New feelings for Cristina Scoccia

He certainly now broke the news during his interview with very rightHe was Jerry Scotti Personally: Christina Scoccia He will be one of my coaches I sing the generation. With her, 5 other famous names from the Italian music scene.

So Scoccia decided to leave the city of Rai and move there Mediaset. The interested party has not yet revealed anything on her personal page on social networking sites, but the Internet is full of news related to her presence in the Uncle Jerry program.

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