Alessandro Salusti unmasks Marco Travaglio, with whom he disguises himself

Alessandro Salusti unmasks Marco Travaglio, with whom he disguises himself

Alessandro Salusti on tour on the stage of the Palazzo Paleologo in Treno in the eighth edition of the Festival of Characteristic Cities conceived and directed by Eduardo Silos Labini to rediscover the cultural, historical and artistic symbols of the Italian provincial towns. On stage, the director of “Libero” also spoke about Marco Travaglio. “An actor. He plays the actor who is on the left but is actually on the far right,” said Salusti. “Since the character works, he plays that character. And in the theater it is better than in the newspaper,” Salusti jokes.

The Libero director also talked about the book he could publish about Giorgia Meloni’s political vision. “In recent months, I have had the honor and pleasure of collecting Giorgia Meloni’s soon-to-be-book vision. And “my free song could be a perfect title,” says Salusti, referring to the famous song Ariana performed during the evening, explaining that Meloni “would be very comfortable on this stage, because the sense of her vision is about identity.” We are in an age where they want us to believe that identity is a thing of the past, instead it is the future: without identity there can be no future.”

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Among the challenges Giorgia Meloni was asked to tackle was justice reform. “I hope it does, it doesn’t seem to me that it’s afraid, but the will of the prime minister or the majority, nor the votes in parliament are not enough. The judiciary is a formidable and deceitful force,” explains Salusti, who wrote a book about the judiciary scandals with former ANM president Luca Ballamara, “Il Sistema”, which Edinée Laborde brought to Sylos.

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