Carola or Dario, who eliminated Amici 2022? / Celentano exit with the dancer

Carola or Dario, who eliminated Amici 2022?  / Celentano exit with the dancer

liberation cry for Carolla At the end of the performance of the last stage of Friends 21 evening of the fifth day. Dario and Carola challenged each other in highly complex choreographies that highlight the great qualities of both. Carola doesn’t hold back her tears after a performance that finally showed her in her true essence and it’s also Celentano who confirmed it: “Finally she let herself go and danced really well!”

back home, Carolla He breathes with Dario before knowing the jury’s telecast score and admits: “You’re a good dancer, so I wish you the best. It’s been seven months but two years seem to have passed. They’re a rollercoaster here, you live everything fast.” Then Maria’s voice came to the house to talk to the boys and finally announces the cancellation of this episode: It’s Carolla. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

The challenge between Carola and Dario on the evening of the fifth day of Amici 21

it’s time for 2nd round to Amici 21. The third heat of the evening, he announced, ended with the defeat of the team of Alessandra Celentano and Rudi Zerbi, and the victory of Kokatudu, which sent them to the polling station. Carola, Luigi and LDA. At the end of the three boys’ shows, it was Carola who ended up on the ballot. So here’s a challenge among the dancers on this final night: Carola, Serena, and Dario return to the center of the studio to re-present themselves and give the jury the chance to better understand who among them deserves to stay in competition. At the end of the premiere, the jury is set to be rescued by Serena, Raimundo Todaro’s pupil, whom she says she is absolutely proud of. Thus, the elimination between Carola and Dario. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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Dario ends up being disqualified at Amici 21

Two rounds of five Amici evening 2022 It actually expired and led to two temporary deletions. The first heat, not without drama, led to the temporary elimination of Dario. The Piparini pupil has had a difficult evening so far, having missed the challenge he threw at Michele with his style. Shortly thereafter, the jury favored Albee on him, and saved him from surveillance. The second heat saw Celentano Zerbi win again, this time against Kocarini and Todaro. Alex, Sissy, and Serena ended up in the middle of the studio, and at the end of the shows, they ended up on the ballot against Dario and Serena. All that remains is to wait for the third ballerina, Carola, to arrive. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Carola and Dario in the Amici Ballot 2022

The Evening of the 5th of Amici 2022 You will be distinguished by a wonderful novelty. So far the game has seen double eliminations but tonight only one will be eliminated. Today, April 16, 2022, the students remaining in the race face three new qualifying rounds, at the end of which only one boy will have to permanently give up the program and the chance to win an Amici 21. Gain a temporary disqualification for a total of three at-risk students. Thus, the usual final challenge on stage would be three, then the jury would save one and only two would play for the place.

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Serena, Dario and Carolla These are the three names that will end up in danger of disqualification on the fifth evening of Amici 2022. These are three completely new names on the ballot: Serena is a pupil of Raimundo Todaro, Dario of Veronica Piparini, Carola and, finally, is a pupil of Alessandra Celentano. But which of them will have to leave Talent tonight?

Carola or Dario, who was eliminated from Amici 21 pm

Let’s start by saying that, according to the previews, Serena will be the first to escape. So Carola and Dario are the two students in the final ballot. Also this time the remover will be revealed in the house, at the end of the episode. At the end of the qualifiers, all students will be sent home and there Maria de Filippi will reach out at the end of the jury vote to announce the name of the eighth eliminated from the evening of 21 Amici. To leave school and race? According to VicolodelleNews’s reviews, it appears to have He left Amici School 21 was Carolla. Therefore, Celentano loses another dancer, remaining alone with Michelle.

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