Covid-19: Sydney Delta is restructuring itself against diversity, with lighter measures in Europe

Australian authorities on Saturday imposed a total restructuring of the city of Sydney, and are facing new corona virus cases caused by the infectious delta variant, which is causing concern around the world as many countries in Europe continue to mitigate their control measures.

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After deciding Friday to jail four districts in central Sydney, authorities decided on Saturday to extend it to two weeks, the largest in the entire metropolis and the largest population in Australia with more than five million people. People.

In a country that has had the spread of COVID-19 so far, more than 80 people tested positive this week, all linked to the driver who drove the flight crew from Sydney airport to isolated hotels.

“The Delta variant is proving to be a particularly strong adversary,” state Health Minister Brad Hazard told reporters. “No matter what defensive measures are taken, we know how to fight the virus,” he added.

Like Australia, many countries are experiencing an upsurge in new events, at least linked to the spread of delta variation, which has already been responsible for a relapse of an epidemic in the UK for a few weeks.

Israel on Friday announced new restrictions in the face of rising pollution: the country, which boasts of being the first to emerge from a health crisis due to a major vaccination campaign, has reaffirmed its obligation to cover masks in one place. Businesses.

Moscow, the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak caused by the delta variant, has announced a return to compulsory teleworking for 30% of company employees.

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Uzbekistan has broken its record for daily new corona virus infections since its inception on Friday and introduced restrictions in its capital. Identifying the delta diversity in the region raises fears of an epidemic in this country of 34 million people.

Faced with a resurgence of the epidemic due to delta variation, Portugal has decided to phase out its health restrictions and tighten them in Lisbon.

Germany also added Portugal and Russia to its list of “different” countries, almost barring them from coming from both countries.

Giant cluster in Spain

In Spain, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory this Saturday, as a result of a student trip to the Balearic archipelago has resulted in a huge “bunch” of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 and the isolation of several thousand young people in seven regions of the country.

Switzerland also decided this Saturday to remove most of the restrictions in effect, especially on wearing masks outside. Returning to the country will also be easy.

On Friday, Iceland became the first European country to remove all national restrictions linked to the COVID-19 epidemic, thanks to its territory being vaccinated.

In Italy, masks may fall out on Mondays. The curfew will be lifted in Valle Asta, the last region where it is still in force.

According to the World Health Organization, the delta variant is likely to improve again this summer, and experts and health officials warn that if nothing is done to deal with it in advance, the Govt.

“More Freedom”

The vaccine is particularly synonymous with “greater freedom” of travel, praising European Health Commissioner Stella Creacitas and French Health Minister Oliver Warren on the day the European Health Pass comes into force.

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Africa is more affected by the third wave of pollution than the rest of the world in vaccine competition, which has already been tested by putting pressure on hospitals that do not have the resources.

Thousands of South Africans protested in Pretoria on Friday at the call of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party to expedite vaccinations against COVID-19 as the country is affected by this third wave.

In the United States, the city of San Francisco has announced that it is asking all of its municipal employees to be vaccinated against measles.

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