Florida | Four Canadians will be affected as the building collapses

Global Affairs Canada reports that at least four Canadian citizens are believed to have been affected by Thursday’s building collapse in the small town of Surfside, Florida. At least four people were killed and at least 159 were missing in the tragedy.

Coralie Lapland

Coralie Lapland

“Embassy officials in Miami are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information,” said Ciara Trudeau, spokeswoman for Global Affairs Canada.

The number of Canadians affected by the tragedy is based on preliminary information received by the organization. “Canadian embassy officials are also in contact with the families of the victims,” Sierra Trudeau said.

Quebecs and Ontarians are also said to have houses in the collapsed building.

“We know from a reliable source Snow birds Quebecs and Ontarians own the building. They may not have been in Florida at the time of the tragedy, ”said the newspaper’s editor. Florida Sun., Denise Dumont, in an email sent Press.

The cause of the 12-story apartment building collapse at 1:30 a.m. Thursday is unknown.

About fifty apartments have been reduced to dust. Many residents of this building, located a few miles north of Miami, are still missing.

“This is a very difficult moment. A lot of people are waiting, are they alive, what’s going to happen?” US President Joe Biden said live from the White House.

Requests to clarify the causes of the event are urgent.

“I think there’s a lot of people in this neighborhood and even across Florida. Well, how does a building collapse?” Florida Gov. Ron Desantis asked Friday.

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Surface officer Andrew Hyatt said it could take a week to find the victims.

A fall in the 1990s

According to a study published in the 1990s, the building underwent a “subtle” two millimeter collapse in the 1990s.

However, research author Shimon Vodovinsky says it is not yet known “whether the collapse was premature.”

“It’s not necessarily a submerged building. If there is structural damage to the building, it could be the submerged building itself,” he told CNN.

« [Les millimètres] When they add up over the years, it’s a huge number, ”Mathis Levy, a professor of engineering at Columbia University, told USA Today.

An investigation is underway to shed light on the circumstances of the tragedy.

With Agencies France-Press

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