PP and Junts, triple connections

PP and Junts, triple connections

On the same night of July 23, when the final picture of the distribution of seats in the House of Representatives was stopped, at the Parliament headquarters. s They started looking together. First of all, the possibilities of repeating the elections, and with them a new opportunity, must be analyzed Alberto Nunez Viejo-. Then, when they saw that post-convergence proponents were starting to leave the usual blocking strategy behind, they did so a little closer.

At the time it was little more than a test of the terrain, but the scope and content of the relations between these two spaces – which had reached profound agreements in Madrid and in Parliament until less than ten years ago – had not yet been revealed, and perhaps had ways to go. In particular, as an exercise in post-convergence stress PSOE In the social and economic aspects, JxCat seems closer to the postulates of the President of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, than to the leftism of the European Research Council.

In mid-August, at the Alma Hotel in the Catalan capital, he met with the leader of the People's Party in Barcelona City Council, Danielle SireraHe met with the Vice-President of the Junts and Councilor of the Barcelona City Council, Josep Ríos, as well as with the President of the Junts in Parliament, Albert Batet. This was confirmed by Serrera himself yesterday after details of the meeting were leaked to La Vanguardia, although he made it clear publicly during September that he had spoken “informally” with Gaunt's “advisers” to find out his intentions and demands, according to public opinion, “unacceptable”.

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Figo, after saying in August that Gontz was not his rival, also confirmed “indirect” contacts with former President Carles Puigdemont and bet – at a conference in Barcelona at the end of October – on “normalizing” the relationship with nationalism. The strategy of the popular leader led to an intense internal battle within the People's Party, led by its leader in Catalonia, Alejandro Fernández.

However, now, with Pedro Sanchez Renewed in Moncloa and the amnesty already being implemented, the PP leadership is holding on to iron at meetings. “We are talking about coffee. Elevating it to the category of negotiations seems like a joke to me,” said the spokesman for the People's Party in Congress, Miguel Tellado, who avoided commenting on whether there was also, as reported in some media. Meeting between the Deputy Institutional Secretary, Esteban González Ponce, and the General Secretary of Junts, Jordi Turol. “This will be a question for Gonzalez Ponce, everyone is the master of his own agenda, but what I can assure him is that the PP has not agreed on anything with Junts outside the Constitution,” Tellado said yesterday, trying to get out of the crisis. Argumentation method

Together reduce the facts

Junts' sources deny Turull's meeting with Pons and use language very similar to that of the PP spokesman regarding other meetings. “In situations like this [després d’unes eleccions], many people in party environments get interesting and stir up coffee to see what everyone is breathing down. These sources indicate that this was all.

JxCat is clearly not interested in appearing in the eyes of Istiklal as a party willing to agree with the PP, but even former President Puigdemont, as Politico reported, flirted with this possibility in an informal conversation with the PP leader. European PP, Manfred Weber. A conversation in which the idea of ​​a motion of no confidence in the PSOE, which the party and the Puigdemont environment later reduced to something implausible, is dropped.

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Why might JxCat have an interest in not hiding these meetings? Because without abandoning his pro-independence programme, he could prove that he was in the middle of the House and the SWP would have to make a huge effort for every vote in Congress to approve his measures. In short, it appears that they will surround the socialists until they implement what they signed. In the social and economic field? You don't have to go to Jordi Pujol's imposing agreement with José María Aznar (1996) or then-President Artur Mas's agreements with Alicia Sánchez Camacho's Popular Party to see the similarities. In parliament, Gantz and the People's Party agree to vote in favor of deploying some infrastructure, for example.

However, this coffee between Sierra, Reus and Patet was not the only meeting between the leaders of the two formations. A few months ago, in the full negotiations of the Barcelona City Council, Serreira was seen on two occasions with Xavier Trias.

The first was three days after the municipal elections, in a hotel in Eixample. The first meeting that went no further. The second actually happened the week of the inauguration, when rumors of a possible agreement between Trias and ERC began. The two leaders met, at Trias' suggestion, at the Raku restaurant in Can-Cisc. There, the former mayor assured Serrera that the negotiations with the Republicans were serious and the popular had already told him that this changed everything. After this lunch, the process was activated that ended with the handing over of the mayor's office, as it is known, to the socialist Jaume Colbone.

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The wound left by the aftermath of the loss of the City Hall marked the next episode: Diputació de Barcelona. Several sources, with their various political affiliations, even from the People’s Party, confirmed that there are contacts at the highest level of the Military Council’s leadership with popular leaders.

What these contacts show is that the current leadership of the Puigdemont party has abandoned the idea of ​​being a “movement” in the service of independence only, and has rolled up its sleeves to practice classic party politics, seeking to reach all sovereign governments. The necessary agreements have one limit, namely Fox.

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