Laura Puccini does not sing “Bella Chiao”: “No political propaganda”

Laura Puccini does not sing “Bella Chiao”: “No political propaganda”

The guest host did not ask any questions and the broadcast continued as if nothing had happened. But the refusal to sing some tunes for the song “Bella ciao”, which was very popular in the country after the success of “La casa di carta”, did not go unnoticed on social networks, where it was immediately launched.



Among the various tweets, some were written by


He’s clearly angry about what was seen during the episode. Socialist MP Adriana Lastra commented: “The refusal to sing an anti-fascist song says a lot about Ms. Laura Bossini and nothing positive.” The Socialist Member of the European Parliament, Iban Garcia, echoed what he said: “Neither with the Democrats nor with the Nazis. The same thing.”

However, the singer from Romania did not remain silent in the face of the numerous criticisms she received and wanted to fully explain the reason for her gesture live. “

I don’t sing political songs

, neither right nor left – wrote on his social channels -. I’ve been singing what I think about life for 30 years. It seems clear to everyone that fascism is an absolute disgrace. I don’t want anyone to use me for political propaganda.

Do not invent what they are not


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