Gf Vip, Lulu and Manuel Fotoni’s house: Just like the two of them!

Gf Vip, Lulu and Manuel Fotoni’s house: Just like the two of them!

After completing a Gf Vip, Lulu and Manuel fulfill their dream by living together: but have you seen their house before?

Lulu Selassie Tonight he will be a guest on the second episode of The Pupa and The Nerdy On Italia Uno by Barbara D’Urso. She will play the role of pupa only for this evening and her role will determine the fate of the finalists. A truly amazing success that worries her because she has achieved it day in and day out over the past six months at Casa del Gf VIP.

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Of course, what impressed the audience the most at home was her sweet affair Manuel Portozzo. Once she left the Canale Cinque reality show, she was finally able to hug her better half and enjoy all the lost time. As they said themselves in a recent interview with very right By Silvia Toffanin, they are inseparable and spend all the time together. They cannot live without each other. Their story, as mentioned, enchanted all the viewers from the house who followed them with great affection and carried them away. Of course, before reaching that balance they had to go through ups and downs but everything seemed to be going well. So much so that they fulfilled their dream, the dream of living together. I saw their house?

GF Vibe, Lulu and Manuel’s house

As Manuel Portozzo himself revealed in a recent interview with De Peche, the two former Giffens They will go to live in the apartment of Manuel Bortuzzo which he took in Rome with his father to realize his Olympic dream. Being his house on two levels, the boy decided to allocate the first floor to him and his better half. Obviously, to ensure that Lulu also has her own spaces and integrates herself into the new home, he added a wardrobe, an extra bathroom, and several mirrors. In fact he said:She had already built a wardrobe, another bathroom, and filled the house with mirrors. I know she likes to do her hair all the time.” If this is not love!

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