Corona virus today. Germany thinks about vaccine duty for everyone. Use shorts when traveling


There is still a global warning for Omicron variation as countries tend to tighten border gates. Africa is increasingly isolated

Corona virus, November 30, 2021 bulletin
  • Germany thinks about vaccine duty for everyone

    Germany is moving towards the obligation to vaccinate everyone against the Sars-Cov-2 corona virus from next year. The proposal will be backed by the chancellor in Beckett Olaf Scholes, however, leaving the next prime minister free of conscience on how to vote.

    During the meeting between Merkel, Scholz and the Governor of 16 Lander, various restrictions on scoping for non-vaccinated persons, the permit limit for football matches, and the possible vaccination duty for all were discussed. The decision will be made tomorrow, December 2nd.

  • Today Cts Aifa meets vaccines under 12 years of age

    Today Cts Aifa meets the 12-year-old vaccine. Giorgio Palù, head of the Italian pharmaceutical agency Aifa, said yesterday, November 30: “Tomorrow the Aifa Cts Commission of Technical Sciences meets: we usually approve the approval of the ‘Ema’, usually after a few hours. I will say that there is no urgency in this case, because the vaccine Products should arrive, which is about a third of what is done for adolescents, so vaccines will come in mid-December. “

  • In Brazil, two cases of Omigran were identified, the first in Latin America

    Brazilian health officials have identified two positive cases of Omigran, the first infection of a new variant of the corona virus in Latin America. Adolfo Lutz confirmed that the missionary was a Brazilian man and woman from South Africa to Sao Paulo. There is a third suspicious case, a passenger landed at Guarulhos International Airport from Ethiopia, but the company is still conducting analyzes to verify that this is an Omicron variant. In fact, Brazilian health officials say the couple arrived in Brazil long before the news of the identity of the new variant was made public. In fact, it came with a negative molecular wipeout for Brazil on November 23rd, but when they created a new swap on November 25th they both tested positive. Both have mild symptoms.

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